Monday, 8 January 2018

Lemon Zest picnic - Learn about lesbian groups in the mtns

Picnic at Wentworth Falls Lake
Saturday, 10th February, 2018
at 5pm
Here's the challenge - come along to a relaxing evening at the very peaceful Wentworth Falls Lake, celebrate the last month of summer, bring a plate of something to share, whatever you want to drink, and bring a friend.  

This event is especially for you and your friends and acquaintances who want to get more involved in our lovely community, but don't know what groups are out there.  

You may have a friend who is new to the mountains, or someone who has lived here for a while but isn't aware of all the social groups for lesbians.

We will have some very short talks from the coordinators of some of the groups that are already running:
  • Bush Lemons
  • Lesbians Got Talent
  • Stitch & Bitch
  • Macro Lems
  • Drinks Night
  • Book Club
and details about some new groups that are about to resurrect or begin to start.

So if you know someone that is new to the mountains, or not so new but you think would benefit from that special feeling of knowing she is with her tribe, please bring her along.  

If you are that 'someone' who is already on the mailing list but hasn't come along to any of the events, please come along to this picnic.  You will be made to feel very welcome into our community.  

If you can't think of anyone that you could bring along, please bring yourself, a plate of something to share and welcome our new friends to the Lemonzest Social Group.

Wentworth Falls Lake is dog friendly, so if your dog is also dog friendly, feel free to bring it along.   

To give us an idea of numbers or if you want more information, please reply to this email. 

PS:  For those of you who want to have a paddle on the lake, Sharron is going to bring her Kayak.