Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Bush Lemons having a pause...

Hi Lemons,

Well it’s a bit of a big old challenging time at the moment isn’t it?  Unfortunately due to the increased social distancing suggestions and restrictions, Bush Lemons will take a short break until restrictions slacken off again….which they will.  I’ll let you know when we will recommence our walks and other activities. 

Our poor Coastrek teams who have been training hard (Bush Lemons in Motion, Bush Lemonades, Bush Lemon Too and Bush Lemons Walk Don’t Run) have been advised that Coastrek is postponed.  I feel for them, but rejoice in the thousands of dollars that we raised for Beyond Blue, and boy won’t that be needed now!  Congratulations to all - you rock!

Don’t forget that you can keep in touch with us on our Facebook page – share photos of your walks and nature.

If you need to go into isolation or become sick, please let us know if you need help or a hand with anything.

So, in the meantime get outside when you can, go for beautiful walks and notice the little things, put them up on our Facebook page to share, and remember this too shall pass! and it will make us more appreciative than ever of each other and our beautiful bush. 

Keep in touch Lemons and take care!

Jocelyn Williams
Bush Lemons
0414 572991

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