Thursday, 4 July 2019

Book of Resilience Stories launch - Sat 14 Sept

BREAKING NEWS......the launch of the Bush Lemons book of resilience stories is on Saturday, 14 September, at the Blue Mtns NPWS Heritage Centre, Blackheath!! This will be a late afternoon/evening event. More details to come. Diarise it now!! (the Sydney walk scheduled that day will be changed). Jocelyn

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Mardi Gras Fair Day 2019

The enthusiastic volunteers setting up
We had another successful Fair Day on the weekend.  Many volunteers helped with the set up and the crucial buying of coffees, and many volunteers helped during the day as well as the not-so-much-fun of packing up!  Many thanks in particular to Anne, Pandora, Britta, Sharron, Vee, Ines, Sue, Jan, Sam!  

Our new caps sold well and lots of information was handed out and new members signed on.  Thank you to everyone who helped make it a success. 

If you signed up to our email list on the day and don't receive an email from me this week, please send me an email as sometimes it's hard to read email addresses!!


Friday, 2 March 2018

Bush Lemos - stories of resilience book!


Dear Bush Lemons family,

I am very proud to announce that we are initiating a Bush Lemon’s Stories of Resilience Project.  Today, being the day of the 40th Mardi Gras parade, seems an auspicious day to kick this off.

Over the many years of bushwalking with Lemons, I have heard women talk about their lives – some have just been glimpses or snippets – but it has made me realise how powerful and moving our stories are.

We are seeking real stories of how you have come through difficult times in life and become stronger – stories to encourage and inspire other women of all ages. Your story: it could be about any aspect of your life. It may be a tale of survival. It could deal with a challenge that you are still going through. What you are learning might inspire others in their own lives.

The stories will be published as a book – a real one with paper and a cover – and we are hoping to publish and launch it before Mardi Gras next year.

Right now you may be thinking ‘My story is not really that important compared with…” or “ I would like to share my story - but writing is not my thing”.

So let’s deal with the first one – your story is important to us. We’d love to hear it. And the second – you could write your own story, be interviewed, have it recorded as a two-way conversation with a friend or record your story to be transcribed. We’ll get you in somehow!

Here are the guidelines for sending in your story:

·        You must be a member of Bush Lemons

·        Stories must be true

·        You can write in your own name, use a pseudonym or write as ‘anonymous’ (but we do need to have your real details on file)

·        Write in a Word document, 1500 word maximum, Arial 11 font, double-spaced

·        Stories must not be defamatory ie damage the reputation of others (ask us if not clear).

·        Email your story or recording to by Sunday 6 May 2018

It may be that not all submissions can be included. But don’t be discouraged by that! We will accept as many stories as possible.  We want to support you in telling your story.

If you’d like to chat about whether your story would be an inspiring one to tell, if you have any questions or if you wish to assist with this project in any other way, please contact Jocelyn at  Please let me know if you wish to include your story (or are even just considering it) so we can stay in touch with you.

Women are amazing, and Lesbians even more so.

Thank you.
Jocelyn Williams
Bush Lemons
0414 572991

Monday, 13 February 2017

Bush Lemons at Fair Day

We had a great time at the Bush Lemons stall at Mardi Gras Fair Day.  There were lots of enquiries about the group, lots of new members signing up and lots of information shared and chats had.

The raffle was very successful, with Glenda & Bronwyn, Sam & Angela, Juls & Pamela, and Leanne all winners! I haven't yet counted the money, but hope that (after reimbursement for the stall fee) we'll be able to buy a new large tarpaulin for Bush Lemons camping trips. 

The Bush Lemons caps were popular, with only 1 remaining at the end of the day!  I'll be looking into ordering some more soon.

And thank you to all those woman who donated raincoats to be used in East Timor!

Thanks to all those lovely Lemons who helped set up, pack up, brought coffees, womaned the stall and generally hung out and helped in any way.  Thank you, Jocelyn

Thursday, 12 May 2016

20 year anniversary celebration

The Bush Lemons had a lovely weekend at Port Stephens to celebrate our 20 years of walking.  The venue at Oasis at One Mile was perfect.  Nine cabins in a lovely rainforest setting surrounding a large pavilion with timber decking and trees growing up through the roof.  We were only 500m from One Mile Beach which was gorgeously unspoilt, and the warmth of the water was pure bliss.

The dinners organised by Sharron and Maggie were just wonderful, and a highlight of the weekend was the incredibly focused activity in the kitchen with all the volunteers following Sharron's calm directions for the dinner....well that and the fact that there had to be one or two volunteers on possum duty to keep the cute, but cunning, possums at bay. 

There were wonderful workshops held - sunrise macro lems on the beach, drama improvisation, tai chi, making mobiles from nature, and who knew that banana scrabble would become a spectator sport!

We had a 3 hour kayak and hike at Shoal Bay guided by Michelle and Vic of Tuff Buggers on Saturday morning.  It was great to be guided by local women who knew the area and could take us up to the most beautiful view over Port Stephens, and then have the fun of splashing around in kayaks on the bay.

Michelle and Vic joined us as special guests for the Saturday evening banquet.  Do look them up if you are visiting Port Stephens.  The Lemons are hoping to get back to this area sometime soon for more walking, kayaking and biking.


Anne's trivia on Saturday night produced lots of laughs as well as lots of facts.  There were some very creative answers and I have no idea who actually won

My very big thanks to Maggie, Sharron and Anne for all their hard work in putting the weekend together.  You are marvelous!

20 years has gone very quickly and I'd like to thank all the Lemons who continue to support and attend Lemons activities, as well as all the Lemons who have lead walks (we counted up 21 walk leaders over the 20 years).  I hope Bush Lemons continues strongly and in the supportive and fun way that we have for the last 20 years.  Thanks Lemons. Jocelyn

Friday, 4 March 2016

Bush Lemons in Mardi Gras parade!

36 Lemons participated in the Bush Lemons Mardi Gras parade entry this year.  It was a fantastic way of getting together with our diverse and fantastic community to celebrate our 20 years. And it was fun, fun, fun!!!! 

We had banner carriers, trolley pusher, dancers and walkers, and all wore our new Bush Lemons tshirts.  Because half of Hyde Park is now fenced off for participants, we could sit on the grass and eat food from the stalls whilst we readied our banner and signs.  Although there still weren't enough toilets, it did make for a much more relaxing waiting time.  We just squeezed into our space on the road about half an hour before we were due to start and boogied to all the loud doof-doof around us. 

It really was a wonderful experience to be part of the parade and to feel all the love.  I think showing everyone that lesbians come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and even like bushwalking, is so important.  A big thank you to all the Lemons who helped organise the float and came along and joined in. You are all fabulous!!  Jocelyn