Walks Calendar

No Macro Lems walk in October, but there will be an online photography challenge 'What's this?'

Saturday, 12 October     Grose Valley, Mt Victoria, to Blackheath       Leader: Jocelyn
H, 14km, approx 8 hrs. Start at Victoria Falls and descend into the Grose Valley and follow the river along to the Blue Gum Forest then exit up to Perry's Lookdown (1100m).  A fantastic walk with swims, views, gorgeous valley, eroded and overgrown tracks, and a good challenging ascent at the end. Bliss!

Saturday, 19 October   Maroubra to La Perouse coastal walking track   Leader: Sue G.
M, 13km. This route is more urban than the usual Lemons walk.  But the saltwater, sandstone platforms, cliffs, the roar of the Pacific Ocean is fabulous.

Saturday, 26 October     Ingar Picnic Area bike ride, Wentworth Falls   Leader: Olga
M-H, 20km return ride on dirt road (closed to cars).  A great bike ride in the Mountains with a swim and lunch at Ingar halfway.

Sunday, 27 October       7 Bridges Walk Sydney                   Leader: Jocelyn
Join the Bush Lemons team in walking this 28km loop walk which raises funds for the Cancer Council.  We will start from the Rozelle Village at 7.30am.  Register at 7Bridgeswalk.com.au & make sure you join the Bush Lemons team.

Saturday, 2 November   Erskine Creek via Pisgah Rock & Jack Evans Track, Glenbrook
Leader: Jocelyn  H, approx 6hrs, 7.5km loop, 500m ascent/descent
Wonderful walk in the lower mountains with possible swims, some clambering up/down rocks, indistinct tracks.

Sunday, 3 November   Macro Lems - Longneck Lagoon (Maraylya)   Leader: Sharron
Rescheduling of this wonderful walk through bushland and wetland, which was cancelled last calendar due to rain.

Saturday, 9 November    Hawkesbury Track - Berowra Waters     Leader: Vee
M, 12k return walk, with a 200m or so descent then ascent.  Starting opposite Cowan station, this track follows the ridge for 4km towards Berowra Creek, then drops down to Berowra Waters where we can buy lunch or picnic before returning the same way.  There should be a fabulous wildflower display.

Sunday, 10 November         Parramatta Pride Picnic, River Foreshore Reserve
Bush Lemons will be having a stall at this event for the first time.  Come out west for a day of entertainment, stalls, dogs, dykes, buy your merchandise, hang out and enjoy!

Saturday, 16 November     Jerusalem Bay Track, Ku-ring-gai NP     Leader: Sue G.
M, 13km. Cowan to Brooklyn.  This beautiful track is part of the Great North Walk and has greata views and the lovely Jerusalem Bay.

Sunday, 24 November    Katoomba-Echo Point, Leura Forest & Giant Stairs Circuit
Leader: Anne   M-H, 8km, approx 4 hours, 800m ascent/descent.
This walk has the lot: views and more views, magical forest, and good workout up those stairs. Having lived in the BM for 20 years Anne only recently went up (been down many times) the Giant Staircase - wasn't nearly as bad as she had anticipated.  This will be a fabulous walk.

Saturday, 30 November    Banks Wall (Dingo Gap) & Mt Banks    Leader: Sharron
E-M, 9km return firetrail walk out to the very edge of the Grose Valley canyon, with a 500m drop and jaw-dropping views.

No Macro Lems walk in December, but there with be a '12 days of Christmas photo challenge with a Twist'

Sunday, 1 December     T3 Track to the Colo River, Wollemi NP     Leader: Jocelyn
H, 5-6 hours return, 6km..
Start from Mountain Lagoon and descend into the valley to the gorgeous Colo River. A long descent/ascent via zigzags towards a beautiful section of the river where we can spend some time before returning.

Sat, 7 Dec - Sun, 8 Dec   Beginner's Overnight walk & camp - Ingar Picnic Campground
Leader: Jocelyn  M, 20km return. On Saturday we walk along the Ingar Picnic Road (closed to cars) at Wentworth Falls to the beautiful waterhole where we camp overnight and walk back the next day.  Perfect for those new to overnight camps as the walk is not difficult, but good for everyone as it's a lovely campground and swimming hole.

Sunday, 8 December    Hanging Rock, Blackheath                  Leader: Sharron
E, approx 7km return.  Walk along mainly firetrail to the iconic Hanging Rock with fantastic gorge views along Burramoko Ridge and the Grose wilderness.  The pace will be easy, especially for beginners or people who don't want to hurry.

Saturday, 14 December        Paradise Pool, Linden             Leader: Erin
E, 2-3km return walk. This pool is one mostly known by locals and it will be special to visit it.  Let's hope for a hot day so we can jump in!

Saturday, 21 December     Kamay Botany Bay National Park         Leader: Sue G.
M, 11km. La Perouse is located near the northern headland to Kamay Botany Bay.  The Henry Head & Cape Banks circuit starts & finishes at La Perouse.  Expect to see stunning views, military bunkers & remnant coastal bush. This walk is really a surprise! We take a detour to 'The Coast Hospital Cemetery'. The cemetery contains headstones that date back to the early & mid 1880s.  There is a chance of a swim at the end of the walk.

Saturday, 4 January    Wentworth Falls - Conservation Hut to Darwins Walk via the Falls
Leader:  Anne   E-M, 8km, approx 3-4 hours, 150m ascent/descent.  Starting at the Conservation Hut in the afternoon we will follow the Overcliff Undercliff tracks to Wentworth Falls before heading up the serene Darwins Walk. Following the walk we head over to the lake for a picnic and swim....should be a good start to 2020!

Sunday, 5 January          Palm Beach to Narrabeen (along Coastrek route)  Leader: Jocelyn
H, approx 20km.  Follow the Coastrek route along the roads, paths, beaches with views and swims. We will get the bus to Palm Beach so we just have to walk one way.

Saturday, 11 January    Lockleys Pylong track at night (Leura)   Leader: Sharron
E, approx 7km return.  Rescheduled after being snowed-out on the last calendar. Walk out while watching the sunset, pause for a cuppa and return under the stars.  This is a spectacular walk during the day but at night the sky is a showstopper.

Saturday, 18 January      Wentworth Pass, Vera & Hippocrene Falls    Leader: Jocelyn
H, a loop walk from Wentworth Falls deep into the valley and along the little used pass tracks and to both beautiful waterfalls, then ascending up Valley of the Waters.  Beautiful lush area, but tracks are eroded and muddy.

Sat, 25 Jan - Mon, 27 Jan  Jamison Valley traverse (3 days) - long weekend   Leader: Jocelyn
VH, approx 25km, ascents/descents, tracks, last day firetrail.
We will spend the first night at the newish camp area on the Federal Pass (near the bottom of the Ruined Castle), next day walk over Mt Solitary and onto the Kedumba Valley campground by the river, Sunday walk out up Kedumba Pass.  Good challenging and beautiful overnight walk.

Sunday, 26 January         Macro Lems - Heritage Trail, Woodford     Leader: Sharron
E.  The 1.4m trail winds around the back of Woodford Academy, with explanatory signage and artefacts in a bushland setting.  Great photograph opportunities.