Bushwalking Code & Info

Bush Lemons Bushwalking Code
Take nothing but photographs and memories – leave nothing but footprints.
  Do not disturb our bushland.  Be self reliant.  Tread softly.
If you take it in, take it out.  Don’t bury or burn rubbish.
Respect wildlife.  Remember, you are the trespasser.
Treat your fellow Bush Lemons and the walk leader with the consideration they deserve.
Always stay with the group.

Bush Lemons recommended items for bushwalking
Backpack, trekking pole
Shoes/boots with good tread (joggers and sandshoes are only okay for easy walks)
Adequate water/electrolyte drinks (eg. 1 ltr pp for every 2 hrs walking – more if hot/harder walk)
Food (lunch/snacks which are nourishing/high in energy)
Any personal medication and/or first aid kit
Hat, sunglasses, thermos of hot drink
Raincoat with hood
Warm polartec/jumper (if cool - thermals, beany, gloves)
Torch/headlight and batteries
Plastic bag to carry your rubbish out
Insect repellent, Sunscreen cream
Money (for coffee etc afterwards etc)
Camera, binoculars, bird book
Do not take:  Definitely no animals (unless it is a specified dog walk)
Alcohol (unless a social occasion organised after a walk)
Check with walk leader before bringing along any Lesbian friends (it will be your responsibility to make sure they have all details and copy of email containing walk info). 
Children are only allowed on specified child-safe activities.
*If you decide not to carry protective weather gear, you run the risk of getting cold and/or wet and jeopardising the safety of the group*

Guide to Grades
Easy – on tracks, relatively flat, suits beginners – under 5km
Easy-medium – slightly rougher walking, will include moderate climbs and descents, reasonable fitness level  – under 12km
Medium – rougher walking, agility & good fitness required, steep climbs & descents – under 15km
Hard–Narrow or eroded tracks or bushbashing, steep & long climbs/descents, good fitness & stamina levels required, some scrambling or rock hopping – under 22km
Very Hard – strenuous walking, difficult terrain, some exploratory, steep & long climbs and descents, fit and experienced walkers only –  22km +

All women participating in any Bush Lemons activity do so at their own risk and are responsible for choosing an activity that suits their level of fitness, health and experience.  Please take into account any injuries or illnesses you may have, or may be recovering from, and check with the activity leader if in doubt of any activity’s degree of difficulty.