Reports and photos

Sat 8 June - Pride weekend walk, Nature Trail, Wentworth Falls

Thanks to those who came along on Saturday's lovely walk around the Nature Trail as part of the Pride weekend festivities.  Enjoy the Relive video

Nature Trail, Wentworth Falls

31 May - 1 June - Kedumba Valley overnight walk

Our 2-nighter walk was shortened to a one-nighter due to the rain increasing on Saturday. It was a good call because we avoided most of the rain. We had a small group because of the weather forecast, but gee it was a gorgeous walk with a few detours to check out a couple of other tracks. Jocelyn

One exploration ends with insurmountable rocks

We found a beautiful dam

Drying gear out

We can't resist a sunbake

7 Bridges Loop (modified version)

What a cracker of a walk today.  30km on many tracks and roads and of course over 7 bridges around Sydney Harbour.  Thanks to all those who came along on this walk and Ange for leading us so admirably! A few Lemons left the walk during the afternoon for other social obligations but 4 of us (and one keen dog) finished!  Enjoy the video:

7 Bridges walk (modified version)

Popes Glen & Braeside trail loop, Blackheath

It was perfect weather for a walk, albeit a tad chilly.  This is a lovely loop walk - but you'll see I forgot to start the Relive video when I should have, but it really is a complete loop. And the view into the Grose Valley is to die for!

Popes Glen & Braeside loop

Saturday, 11 May - Mt York loop

Well it was a soggy walk, but so good to get out regardless. There were understandably multiple cancellations for the walk, so only 3 hardy souls and 1 foolish dog ventured forth.

Enjoy Ange's Relive video: Mt York loop

Sunday, 28 April - Bike ride Mt Victoria to Hanging Rock

It was a perfect day for a bike ride!  Olga led us in her usual inimitable style. The view from Hanging Rock is one of the best (see the below video). Thanks Olga!

Check out the below Relive video (mainly for the route and to see Olga clinging to the cliff edge:

Mt Vic to Hanging Rock

Wednesday, 24 April - Grand Canyon

7 lemons did this midweek walk today. Unfortunately I'm not as good on the Relive as Jocelyn - forgot to turn on at the start and off at the end! The walk was only 7 km not 25km!!

Our next midweek walk will be Tuesday 7 May and will be Lockleys Pylon ( Golden Stairs are closed so we can't do ruined castle) . Hope to see you there. 

Saturday, 20 April - Kamarah Gully, Upper Grose Valley

We had a lovely walk today! It might have been misty and raining but in Kamarah Gully it was beautifully protected and you wouldn't have known.  We spent time looking around this gorgeous area where trees and plants reign supreme. The photos don't do it justice....

Before the descent into the gully

And in the gully itself

Then there were the plants....

And then the trees......

Thanks so much for all those who came along to enjoy this special part of the Upper Grose Valley. Jocelyn & Anne

Saturday, 13 April - Taronga Zoo to Balmoral

Taronga Zoo to Bradleys Head walk 

Thank you to the 9 wonderful Bush Lemons who came on this absolutely sublime walk, and the weather goddess being so kind as to give us beautiful weather.

After traversing Sydney Harbour towards Sydney Harbour National Park at Middle Head, we alighted our ferry to start our walk on the Athol Bay track. This walk definitely didn't disappoint for sweeping harbour views, picturesque bays, historical sites, and a long track of eucalyptus trees, ferns, and wildlife (mainly bush turkey's, we even got a display on the way back to Taronga Zoo ferry, of a bush turkey building a huge mound of leaves, and a pair of female turkeys admiring what we thought might be their new home...very impressive!). Points of interest were Bradley Head, the foremast of HMAS Sydney cruiser. Clifton Garden Reserve and Chowder Bay, looking around the Naval buildings, (where I did the Chariot of Fire run to save our group a table for morning tea), Georges Heights Headland Park, where we looked around the Artist Precinct. Finally arriving at Balmoral Beach for lunch and a swim. Also on the way back 5 of us found time to visit the Mr Whippy van to top off a wonderful day with an ice cream. What a cracker of a day😁 Britta


Sunday, 7 April - Kiama Coast Walk

Clear blue skies, warming sunshine, big swell, dolphins, light easterly breeze and lovely company on the walk from Minnamurra to Kiama today.

Thanks to those who joined this picturesque stroll along beaches, through bush and then to the Kiama lighthouse for lunch.

Interesting chats, lots of laughs and great to meet new Lemons.

Special mention to Rachel for her ‘Wonder Woman/ Chariots of Fire’ run back along Bombo Beach to find a lemons lost phone - bit wet and sandy - but miraculously found. Fran

Bushrangers Bay snorkelling - Sun, 7 April

We had to postpone snorkelling at Bushrangers Bay on Saturday due to giant waves down the south coast.  A few of us did a recce on Sunday in the calmer conditions and Rachael will plan to put this on again in the summer calendar.  Meanwhile here are some photos of the Bay, including an amazing collection of shells in the rock pools.

Easter 2024 - Peakgrove, Yass Valley

19 Lemons had a wonderful Easter at Saan & Jo's property in the Yass Valley.  We not only spent time walking, birdwatching and mountain biking on the property but did some good deeds such as treating Serrated Tussock with Granulated Urea and tree planting.  Seeing how the mistreated property Murrumvale is being cared for and returned to the animals and nature was heartwarming.  We had lots of wonderful meals and talks over the weekend as well as a visit to Mulligans Flat sanctuary in Canberra.  Thank you to all who came along to make this such a terrific time!  

Some photos of the properties........

Paloos checking out the badminton set


A large wombat burrow

The new 'soft' wombat release area

Some photos of treating serrated tussock in the early mornings....

A magnificent Kurrajong tree in the middle

Tree planting

Some photos of wonderful Mulligans Flat (not many though as it was a night walk) but we did see Bettongs, an Echidna, Spotted Quoll, a Tawny Frogmouth, heard a Bush Stone Curlew, saw lots of Possums (plus I tried to convince the group that some Possums were Bettongs and Sulphur Crested Cockatoos were Owlet Nightjars!)

A Tawny Frogmouth

And then of course there were lots of meals and socialising to be had.....

Watching footage from the wildlife cameras

Thank you to all who came along on this wonderful Easter weekend in a very special and inspiring place. And many thanks to Saan and Jo for being the best hostesses!

Sat, 23 March - NPWS Rainbow Lyrebirds

We had a lovely day with the Rainbow Lyrebirds at Middle Head and hopefully this will be the first of many such opportunities.  We started the day with some bonding activities and then moved onto removing Asparagus Fern which was taking over the area. It was a real bugger to remove! We were then taken on a guided walk. What a wonderful location to spend the day with a great bunch of people!

Bloody Asparagus Fern

Bags of the ferns

Saturday, 16 March - Narrowneck, Medlow Gap, Dunphys Campground

What a cracker of a walk today! We started off in fog and drizzle which cleared to patches of blue sky.   Thanks to the hardy souls who came along. Enjoy the Relive video:  Narrowneck to Dunphys Campground  

Saturday, 2 March - Volunteering at Mardi Gras Parade

A number of Lemons had a wonderful time volunteering for the Mardi Gras Parade.  It was terrific to give back to our community! Thanks to all those who spent hours on the parade route. You are champions!

The iconic barricade move

We had a refreshing drink after hours of work! 

Sat, 24 February - Pierces Pass to Blue Gum Forest

Snoozing Blue Banded Bee holding on by its mandible

What a beautiful walk in the mist!  The mizzle cleared as we came down the Pass and then we followed the Grose River to the forest, where a few Lemons walked on through it and the rest of us lunched. The leeches were around (no surprises there) but we also saw a PLATYPUS in the river!!  How special (but it was too quick for our cameras)!  It was lovely to walk in the cooler weather and as usual Pierces Pass and the Grose River were a delight! Enjoy the video:

Pierces Pass to Blue Gum

Sat, 17 February - Spit to Manly

Thank you to the 11 amazing Bush Lemons who braved the heat to make this a most enjoyable and fun walk. We had a few swims along the way. A few of our newer Bush Lemons to this walk, viewed the historical Aboriginal Engravings at Grotto Point and took in all the beautiful views along the way. We also made time for a swim at Forty Baskets Beach, then onto Fairlight Beach for lunch and another swim. Some of the women took a ferry back to Circular Quay and the rest of us walked back to Spit Bridge and had another swim at a little secluded beach along the way. A few of us got to see a little wallaby foraging in the bush. The little lizards and Water Dragons were also putting on a show along the way. A walk with lots to see and do! Thank you again Jocelyn for the Relive video. Britta

Enjoy the Relive video of this popular walk, (but do note that this was the slightly shorter dog walking road route):  Spit to Manly & return

Sat, 11 February - Cabbage Tree Bay snorkel

We had a lovely afternoon snorkelling Cabbage Tree Bay in water that was a balmy 24 degrees. 

Entering off Shelley Beach and after some adjustments to masks, we cruised down the western side of the bay, spotting Blue and Green groupers, large schools of Luderick, Blennies, Wrasse, Red Morwongs, Mados, and Fiddler rays.

On the Bower side of the bay it was an absolute aquarium, with a very low tide and lots of Leatherjackets, Stripeys, Angle fish and Estuary Catfish. 

Estuary catfish

Fiddler ray

Moon Wrasse

Red Morwong

The water was flat and the sun shone in the late afternoon, making it a very pleasant summer beach outing. Thanks to all who came along!  Rachael 

3 February 2024 - Remote First Aid Training

15 of us attended Remote First Aid training for the Bush Lemons held by Pulse First Aid in Hazelbrook. Never was the saying 'the more you learn, the more you realise you have to learn' more true.  We had undertaken 3 hours of online training in the lead up and then this full day of practical training. It was very informative and in parts stressful but also fun! Our Remote First Aid certificates will last for 3 years and our CPR component for 1 year.  I really want to thank the Lemons who came along - good on you all!! And a big thankyou to our trainers Victoria and Frances.  It's so important for everyone to learn first aid.  Jocelyn

Lots to learn!

Testing the storm shelter

All hands on deck for our casualty event

Torniquets and packing wounds....

CellAED - a lightweight defibrillator

More learning....

Our lucky casualties - Ken & Sarah (we reckon the accident was Ken's fault)

Our casualties being beautifully looked after (even Ken)

Saturday, 20 January 2024

Thank you to the 9 awesome Bush Lemons who made this a fun, interesting and informative walk. The talkative Flying Foxes were putting on a show in their camp, while some of the female bats were hanging in their trees with little ones on their backs…I don’t know how they do it! We also had the best view’s of the surrounding Inner West area on top of Nanny Goat Hill, where we stopped for a short break surrounded by fig and gum trees. The next section, walking along the trail and a few reserves, patting a few well behaved dogs along the way, we eventually came off the Girrahween Track leading us onto the footpath into Bexley North Village. Here we had a well earned cuppa. Thank you Lea for your knowledge of Bush Tucker and plants, and Manuela for your amazing photos. A very special day indeed🦇🦇🦇  Britta

Sunday, 21 January - Lions Head, Wentworth Falls

16 Lemons did this new walk is fairly hot conditions.  At morning tea we split into two groups, one heading slowly back to the cars and the other pushing on to summit Lions Head. Thank goodness for the cooling breeze! And thanks to all those who came along to soak up the spectacular views.  Enjoy the video: Lions Head

13 January 2024 - Mt Banks Loop

What a super walk this one is with such sublime views!  It was a warm day so there are only photos on the way out on the below Relive video as I was too keen to get back to the shade.  Thanks Anne!

Mt Banks loop walk

Saturday, 23 December - Thor Head afternoon/evening walk

We had a very lovely last walk for the year out to Thor Head which overlooks the Grose Valley. And although I had lots of cancellation due to forecasted rain & did not rain!!!  The views here are sublime, the bush full of beautiful flora, we were lucky enough to see a Rockwarbler, Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos, and on the way back at dusk we shared the track with a kangaroo. Dining on Thor Head was perfect and the walk was very special.  All the best to all for a kind Christmas Season.  Enjoy the Relive Video of the walk here:  Thor Head evening walk

Saturday, 16 December - Megalong Valley, Megalong Rd to Coxs River

Our scheduled wallk in Glenbrook was changed due to the forecasted high temperatures and instead we did part of the Six Foot Track which leads down to the Coxs River in the Megalong Valley.  It was a shorter walk with lovely swims, much nicer to do in the warm weather. Thanks to those who went with the last minute change. Jocelyn.   Enjoy the video:  Megalong Rd to Coxs River

Tuesday, 5 December - Under & Over Cliff walk, Katoomba

Hi Lemons
Today 4 Lemons did a midweek walk on the under/overcliff walk at Wentworth Falls. The sun was shining and it was a cracking day to be out in it. We lunched at the Conservation Hut afterwards (new management and delicious food and good coffee). 
The next mid week walk will be Wedneday 20 December. Details will be sent shortly. (Not on current BL calendar) Thanks to those who came along. Anne

Check out the Relive Video: Under & Over Cliff walk

Saturday, 2 December - Wentworth Falls Lake walk & picnic

The threatened rain stayed away and the sun came out in the afternoon, so those of us that braved Wentworth Falls Lake had a lovely walk and picnic.  Thanks to all those who came along and thanks to Anne for providing cups of tea and coffee for us all.  Enjoy the photos. Jocelyn

Saturday, 18 November - Middle Harbour Creek Loop

What a fantastic walk we had today. I hope you enjoy the Relive video and sorry for a couple of smudged photos (I think it was water and not my attempt at some misty romantic shots!). Thanks to those who came along on this beautiful walk. 

Relive video: Middle Harbour Creek Loop

Saturday, 4 November - Explorers Tree to Megalong Road

It was predicted to be wet on this walk, and consequently I had lots of cancellations, but the conditions turned out to be pretty lovely for the 3 of us who persevered. Only a light shower or two and the mist around the escarpments was very atmospheric.

Relive video - 6 Foot Track - Explorers Tree to Megalong Road

Saturday, 21 October - Victorian Period Costume walk - Scenicworld to Leura Forest

Walking in period costume is a serious business

We had a fun time walking in rather warm outfits from the Scenic Railway to Leura Forest. Tourist and locals were both bemused and amused.....and who could blame them.

The walk past the bottom of Katoomba Falls and around to Leura Forest is lovely.

After a lovely luncheon we then returned back to Scenicworld and a trip back up the Cableway.

Some of us had to dab away the perspiration

There's always work to do at Scenicworld!


What a gorgeous group of Victorian women!

Thanks to all who accessed their inner Victorian walking woman and experienced the difficulties of walking in this garb. I for one couldn't wait to get that bloody hat off. Jocelyn

Saturday, 7 October - Mt Solitary Traverse

We were a small and fast moving group who tackled the iconic and challenging Mt Solitary Traverse. Perfect weather and good company made it lovely. Enjoy the Relive Video:

Mt Solitary Traverse

Saturday, 23 September - Coastal Walk, Bouddi National Park

Six Lemons had a wonderful walk along the Coastal Track in Bouddi National Park on Saturday. The weather was a lovely 19C with the sun sparkling on the water at times, and we saw the spouts of several whales, and a few distant glistening black backs. Wildflowers were everywhere and the water, though cold, invited at least half of us into a dip! The promised stairs were a good workout, but worth it for the fabulous views at every turn. Thanks to the Lemons who came along, and special thanks to Susan for the photos. Jem

Saturday, 16 September - Kedumba Pass, Kedumba Valley & Lions Head Pass

6 of us took on this walk in fairly warm conditions.  Although we have walked down Kedumba Pass plenty of times, the ascent up through Lions Head was a new and exciting one. Enjoy the Relive Video:  Kedumba and Lions Head Passes

Saturday, 9 September - Birdwatching at Rhododendron Gardens

What a keen lot of birdwatchers!

We saw Golden Whistlers, Grey Shrike-Thrush, Rosellas, Kookaburras, White-browed Scrubwrens, Striated Thornbills, Currawongs, Magpies, Red Wattlebirds, Eastern Spinebills, a Yellow Robin, and lots of small and quick moving birds.  No photos of birds as I was too busy looking through my binoculars!  The gardens were beautiful too.

And Alie's shot of the day - the Golden Whistler's bum!

Thanks to all those who came along to enjoy the birds, weather and company. Jocelyn

Saturday, 2 September - Perrys Lookdown to halfway up Du Faur Head

It was a perfect Spring day to walk through the Grose Valley.  The descent down Perrys Lookdown left our knees a tad weak before we stopped for morning tea on the Grose River.

We then crossed the river and ascended around 2/3rds of the way up to Du Faur Head for lunch. The crossing of the Grose River was by way of a downed tree.

The walk back up Perrys Lookdown is always a good challenge and it was somewhat of a relief to see the cars at the top. 

Relive video


Saturday, 26 August - Loftus to Audley

Seven Lemons enjoyed the Royal National Park. The weather was fine & warm. The 14km of tracks were dry with very few other bush walkers. Highlights were Bungoona Look-out (views over the Hacking River), Honeymoon Track, Robertson Roundabout, Kangaroo Creek, gorgeous angophoras, massive outcrops of sandstone, Waratahs in bloom, stunning green 2m high Gymea Lillies leaves, & a painter’s palette of spring-time flowers. Up & down we went. Then more up & down. It was a fabulous day out adventuring together. The photos (below) tell the story best …Sue. (photo credits to Sue, Rachel, Julia)

Bungonia Lookout

Robertson Knoll

Bungonia Lookout view

Stairs down escarpment

View into Botany Bay & north to Centrepoint

Kangaroo Creek

Drosera spatulata - carnivorous perennial herb

Saturday, 19 August - Box Head, Bouddi National Park

6 lemons enjoyed the spectacular views and weather in Bouddi National Park. Thanks for coming and sharing and thanks to Rachel and Leah for photos.  Dee 

Saturday, 22 July - Cowan to Berwra (va Berowra Waters)

We had fantastic winter weather for the 7 Lemons on the walk. It was up & down all the way - ie tough, but extremely enjoyable. Hikers were rewarded with stunning views, and continually changing tree & plant species during our 6 hour adventure. [13km; 630m descent/ascent].

This walk is part of the “Great North Walk” route. Lots of sandstone, bush & some creek crossings. Mainly single track, but also a km or two of management trail. Highlights are the Aboriginal middens & the descent into the timelessness of the Hawkesbury River at Berowra Waters. Here is the photographic record of the day (thanks photographer Kylie). Sue

Morning tea


Roland Murray Bench

Triumph after walk back up from Hawkesbury River

Lunch view

View near the end

Saturday, 14 July - Medlow Bath explore

There are places on this walk when you feel like you are walking back in time. Some gorgeous old tracks through a wide variety of landscapes.  Thanks to those who came along. Anne

Medlow Bath explore video

Saturday, 8 July - Lower Porters Pass & Centennial Pass

Walking these two lovely lower passes means that you rarely see anyone and you can get off the main tracks. However, it also means there are a lot of obstacles, including a huge amount of downed trees, but that can also be part of the fun!  We did lose the track a few times but it was all good in the end and everyone was very patient and good company! Enjoy the Relive video:

Lower Porters & Centennial Glen Passes

Saturday, 17 June - Sphinx Track & Bobbin Head loop

A most lovely walk today in beautiful winter weather.

 Relive Video: Sphinx & Bobbin Head loop

Saturday, 10 June - Asgard Swamp & Thor Head, Mt Victoria

What a lovely King's long weekend walk 19 of us had today. Thanks to everyone who came along, to Anne, Olga and Lesley for their cars.  Check out the video:  Asgard Swamp & Thor Head

And then there was the lovely lunch at the Victoria & Albert Guesthouse afterwards

Saturday, 3 June - T3 track to Colo River

What a fantastic walk this is in such a spectacular wilderness area. We all agreed that the challenge of the ascent back up from the river makes this walk, even as tough as it is. Thanks to the tough Lemons who came along!! Enjoy the video:  T3 to Colo River track

Friday, 26 May - Sunday, 28 May

Well yes, it was cold.....perhaps one could say freezing. Six of us threw caution to the winds and enjoyed a weekend at Kedumba River Crossing Campground. This valley is teeming with wildlife and beauty.

Glossy Black Cockatoos

Kangaroos in the campground

Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos

And we did some walks out of the valley too.

 And the frost and ice had it's own beauty too.

No, not a magic trick, just frozen water.

Thanks to those who shared their photos and came along on this adventure. Jocelyn

Sat, 20 May - Gordon Falls & Sublime Point, Leura 

 A beautiful walk today and more lookouts than were promised. Thanks to Anne for leading this walk. 

Relive Video:  Gordon Falls & Sublime Point

Turon Gates weekend camp, 12-14 May

Turon Gates really is a fantastic place to camp with a beautifully located campground, good bathroom facilities, wildlife, pet friendly, lots of walks, fireplaces, places to explore, bike rides etc. We made the most of it, but we also had lots of chats, laughs and times around the campfires!

There were good walks, bike rides, painting, photography, cooking, gazing at the river....


 And we were pretty lucky with only one rain shower....

Thanks to everyone who came along, to Olga for bringing her gazebo and everyone for the firewood and your wonderful company! We will be back to Turon Gates!

Sat, 6 May - Mt Piddington, Hornes Pt, Coxs Cave circuit

We had a lovely walk around this beautiful area in the most perfect weather conditions.  Because this area is council reserve and not national park we had a few doggies along too. Thanks to all who came along and enjoy the video:-

Sunday, 30 April - Blackheath to Point Pilcher ride

After a solid day of rain on Saturday, the clouds finally ran out of water to drop. Blackheath to Medlow could have been ridden or canoed, the puddles were large, deep and plentiful. Thanks Rach for doing the Relive and Vee for taking out “best in puddle ride technique”. Muddy butts and big grins … enjoy. Olga

Puddle video: Puddles video

Relive video: Blackheath to Pt Pilcher Relive

Saturday, 22 April - Two Valley Trail - Tempe to North Bexley

Thirteen lovely Bush Lemons turned up for this gem of a walk hidden around the suburbs of the Inner West. We walked along a section of the Cooks River tracing the track along mangroves, wetland, and coming across 3 very old worker cottages hidden on a small part of the Jackson Track. As we walked further along the track, and into the bush we started to smell and hear the squabble of the bats hanging in the trees above us, this area is now called the "Bat Camp", and definitely lives up to its name! After walking on through a few reserves we eventually came to our destination at Bexley North where we decided to have our lunch in Bexley North Park. After lunch and wonderful conversations, we headed back into the bush leaving busy suburbia behind, tracing the trail back to Tempe Station. The Weather Goddess was also very kind to us for this walk, a wonderful day!

Relive Video:  Two Valleys Trail

Saturday, 1 April - Victoria Falls to Perrys Lookdown via Grose Valley

What a fantastic walk!  Many thanks to Rachael, Jem, Chris and Anne for helping with cars.  The Grose Valley is looking beautiful!  Check out the video of our epic walk here:-

Sunday, 19 March - Tempe to Woollaraware Bay

Thank you to the 6 Bush Lemon cycling crew who braved the very warm weather to cycle from Tempe to Woollaraware Bay. Also thank you to Annette for being an exceptional ride sweep. Our first stop was at Cook Park in Kyeemagh, for a photo shoot with the big bronze sculpture "Come Out Hippo '' by creators Gilli and Marc. We then cycled along the waterfront, passing quite a few people swimming in the bays along the way. We then weaved our way onto Captain Cook Bridge, arriving at our destination Woollaware Bay for another photo opportunity, then finishing at Toast Cafe, where I think most riders were happy to stop for a bite to eat and a cuppa. Most of us didn't bring our swimmers, and because of the heat we made a decision at the cafe to cycle back to Tempe, the end of our ride. Apart from the hot weather, it was an enjoyable ride with an awesome group of women. Britta

Saturday, 18 March - Walls Cave, Blackheath

We had a lovely beginners/easy walk on this easy return to Walls Cave.
Thanks to everyone who came along! Enjoy the video (which includes the car trip back to the Blackheath Cafe - note to self to remember to turn off the video when we finish a walk!!)

Saturday, 11 March - Nellies Glen & Devils Hole Loop, Katoomba

Thanks to the 8 lemons who came on this very interesting little walk. It truly is full of the joys and includes a good workout. My 200m ascent was really 500m but everyone managed it brilliantly. Unfortunately I only have my L plates for driving Relive (must remember to turn it back on after a break).  See the Relive video here:

Happy walking everyone. Anne

Saturday, 25 Feb - Mardi Gras Parade

What a great experience and a great way to celebrate our 27 years.  Thanks to all those Lemons who participated and helped our entry!  What a great experience it was and a good opportunity to represent Lesbians!!


Sunday, 20 February - Mardi Gras Fair Day

The quiet before the storm

We had a great day as usual at Fair Day. Handed out lots of information, sold almost all of our merchandise, chatted to new Lemons, socialised and sat in the shade, and then did an hour's enthusiastic practise of the parade routine.  Many, many thanks too those Lemons who helped carry gear, set up, pack up, woman the stall, pat dogs!  Not many photos as I often forget in the busyness. Thanks Lemons.

Gathering for the dance practise

A chat and rest!

Sat, 19 February - Kiama Coast Track

Thank you to all who joined the Kiama Coastal Track walk travelling from near and afar.

It was quite hot at times but the north easterly made walking more comfortable as did the occasional dip in the ocean.

Such a lovely group of women, interesting conversations, laughter, excitement in anticipation for Mardi Gras and a beautiful swim in the waves to finish.

We are all so lucky to be part of the Bush Lemons.

With thanks, Fran.

5 February 2023 - Cabbage Tree Bay Snorkelling

The Bush Lemons had perfect conditions on Saturday, bright sun, 8-10 metres visibility, a low tide, water temp 23 degrees, and a picnic table in the shade. The fish were out in huge numbers... including:

Wrasses a plenty - (Crimson Banded, Senator, Maori and Snakeskin Wrasse),  Eastern Pomfreds, schools of Silver Sweep swimming and turning in unison, Old Wives, A Moorish Idol or two, Eastern hulafish, large schools of sand whiting and Scad, Rock Cod, Rainbow Cale (out for Mardi Gras), Red Morwongs, Leatherjackets, bottom-dwelling Gobys, Kapalensis Stingarees (common stingray but cute none-the-less), bright yellow and blue juvenile Scalyfin (worth googling), a mystery fish later identified as an Estuary catfish, simply thousands of Mados, several large as well as juvenile Easter Blue Groupers, Rock Blackfish, the appropriately named Piano Fangbelly, and a hover of seven baby cuttlefish. 

And not forgetting the beautiful sponges, soft corals and sea grass beds. 

A spectacular day underwater - thanks to all who came along! Rachael

Saturday, 28 January 2023 - Iron Pot Mtn, Ironmonger Spur, Coxs River, Breakfast Creek, Carlons Creek loop

What a fantastic walk!  Yes it was challenging and it was hot, but the river and creek were wonderfully refreshing.  Only one one snake (which I did a rather unplanned and intricate dance with) and seeing the cars at the end was somewhat of a relief. Thanks to those Lemons who rose to the challenge!

Saturday, 21 January 2023 - Hanging Rock Trail  bike ride

A quick and straightforward bike ride out to Hanging Rock and the terrific view into the Grose Valley:

Sun, 8 January 2023 - Narrowneck to Clear Hill

This was a goodly long walk to kickstart our year and shake out our legs. The weather was warm but we had a delightful breeze on the way back.  Enjoy the video here:

Sat, 10 December - Medlow Bath explore

What a lovely explore of the historic tracks on the western side of Medlow Bath we had today. There are kilometres of tracks on this side of Medlow, and we got to see many of the natural and man-made features.  Thanks to Anne for showing us this unique and beautiful area.  Enjoy the video

Saturday, 3 December - Megalong Road to Coxs River (on Six Foot Track)

It was such a lovely day to be out walking down to the Coxs River.  Birds and goannas aplenty, and a cute little long-necked tortoise was spotted. The dip in the river was perfect.  Thanks to all those who came along!  Enjoy the video:

Saturday, 26 November - Giant Stairs to Kedumba Pass

It was a great challenging walk today in wonderful weather, and so nice to be in the valley.  The birds in the rainforest area around Leura Forest were magical and we saw a goodly sized Copperhead Snake on the firetrail. And one of the best bits was we had a fantastic swim!! Enjoy: 

Saturday, 19 November - Castle Head Sydney

A most lovely visit to Castle head today, with lots of wondrous flowers out (apologies for my poor quality flower photos).  The sun orchids are running riot in the upper mountains at the moment. (The best type of riot to have.) Enjoy the video:

Saturday 12 November - Sydney Bike Ride

Six of us enjoyed the stunning Sydney weather for a social spin around Sydney Olympic Park today. 

There were celebrations after reaching the top of the Bay Marker spiral lookout that gives 360 degree views over the park and surrounding city & river landscape where we paused for morning tea. It was way more fun on the way down where we could get up a bit of speed!


The next stop was Shipwreck Bay where old & unused vessels were transported in the 1960s and 1970s to be decommissioned & disposed of. The yard vanished and nature took over, slowly turning the wrecks into floating forests. 

The final stop before lunch was the Brickpit Ring Walk (or cycle!), which serves as a water storage and frog habitat. It's also home to black swans and ducks that leave dark trails as they swim through what we thought was algae, but is actually a tiny native plant called Duckweed Lemna disperma that the water birds love to feed on. 

 Thanks to everyone who came along and to Vee for her detailed knowledge of the roads and tracks throughout the park. Jan

 Saturday, 6 November - Furber Stairs to Narrowneck, Katoomba

It was another dry day for our Katoomba walk. Such a treat!  It was lovely to descend into the Jamison Valley and hear all the birds and walk on the Federal Pass track again.  Enjoy the video.

Saturday, 29 October - Spit to Manly walk

Lots of flannel flowers

What a view!

Watch the walk video here: Spit to Manly walk

Sat, 15 Oct - Victorian Period Costume Walk, Medlow Bath

We finally had our Victorian Period Costume walk, after proposing it years ago.  Thank you to all those plucky women who came along to recreate the costumes those amazing women wore in the Victorian era.  We all agreed that walking in long skirts, stiff collars and large hats took a bit of getting used to. Some also found it hard to not smile in the photos, however I found it came naturally to me. We had a private tour of the Hydro Majestic which was quite a highlight and walked on some of the older tracks behind it. We waved our hankies at a departing train and picnicked in Medlow Bath Park listening to live music.  Prue has put together a most amazing video which is available on our Facebook page.  Thank you to everyone who came along.  What a lot of fun we had!!!  Enjoy the photos. Jocelyn

Our tour of the Hydro

Navigating a fence in skirts aint so easy

A little bit of rock climbing (as you do)

What a gorgeous bunch of Victorian women

Sun, 25 September - Birdwatching walk

Well it was a beautiful day for a birdwatching walk, but with so many people around it meant the birds stayed away.  We did see a lovely Butcher Bird, Wattle Birds, Honeyeaters, Rosellas, Eastern Lorikeets, and lots of small quick moving birds.

We also visited the Aboriginal grinding grooves

Grey Butcherbird

The elusive 'rock' bird

And some people were such keen birdwatchers that they seemed to be everywhere!

Thanks to those who came along and enjoyed the sun. We will have another birdwatching walk soon. Jocelyn

Yerranderie camp, Fri 16 Sept - Sun, 18 Sept

The old post office and tailor shop

The Lemons had a lovely time at the ghost town of Yerranderie, which is now managed by National Parks. It is roughly a 3.5 hour drive from the upper mountains, but very worthy of a visit. There are old buildings (some of which have been restored) relics from the silver mining days, two campgrounds and bushwalks.

Private Town campground

View from Bartlett Head

Thanks to those who were able to come along to this most special of places. Jocelyn

Sat, 10 Sept - Staples Lookout to Patonga

The weather was perfect for this lovely walk in an absolute wildflower wonderland every step of the way! 6 Lemons started from Staples Lookout, navigated various criss-crossing trails, and as a small side hike, climbed Mt Wondabyne with its breathtaking views across 3 national parks and back down to Brisbane Water. Here we had morning tea absorbing the beauty, before descending again onto the ridge with its rock platforms encasing little gardens, and a huge snake made of rocks. As promised, we passed through a tiny but beautiful rainforest gully just after the Woy Woy tip - the contrasts of our world!

Lunch again found us with fabulous views across distant hills and the Hawkesbury hinterland. We then crossed Patonga Drive into an area famed for its waratahs, explored another little side trip with wonderful rocks and yet more wildflowers, until we reached Warrah Lookout over the Hawkesbury mouth with panoramic views of Barrenjoey Lighthouse, Lion Island and West Head. Descending down into Patonga we finally reached the beach. 

Thanks to the wonderful Lemons who made this walk such a funny, friendly and fab experience, and thanks to Manuela for the gorgeous photos! Jem

Sun, 28 Aug - Lockleys Pylon & Du Faur Head, Leura

It was perfect weather to be out on this walk. It's a notoriously windy spot, but the wind behaved today and so did we.  For those who were there you will see the photos on the Relive video are not always located where they were taken for some reason (I'm so technically challenged!).  Thanks to all those who came along to see the amazing views in this most lovely of areas.

Lockleys Pylon

Sat, 10 Aug - Sassafras Gully & Magdala Gully walk, Springwood

What a most gorgeous walk today!  This is a beautiful area full of lush rainforest, spectacular Sassafras trees, impressive temple-like rocky outcrops and lovely swimming holes. It's a loop walk which starts behind Springwood shops, so easily accessible.  Enjoy the video:-

Sassafras Gully and Magdala Gully walk

Sat, 16 July - Porters Pass & Centenial Glen

There were numerous cancellations for this walk (it's the world we live in at the moment) so we were a small group that did this most lovely of walks today.  There were quite a few other people out walking, and the occasional dog too.  As I was sometimes carrying Scrumpy (he's a dog, not a Lemon) some of my photos in the Relive video were taken quickly, and for some reason the Relive video stopped short of where we did!  Sit back and enjoy the Zen of the video:

Porters Pass & Centennial Glen

Fri, 24 - Sun, 26 June Black Range 3 day walk

All fresh at the start

We had a great walk exploring the firetrails off Black Range, out in the Kanangra Boyd Wilderness.  The temperatures were pretty low overnight, but the day time temps were perfect for walking.  We descended down Moorara Boss Firetrail and camped the first night on the lovely Jenolan River (where we had a very quick dip! Yes, there were some screams).

  After a rather chilly night we plodded back up to the range and then down to the Little River to collect water.  We had the option to camp the 2nd night here, but it was quite damp and evidence of 4WDs using the small campsite, so instead decided we needed more of a challenge, so ascended back up onto Black Range and found a lovely campsite on Cronje Mountain Trail.  We ascended more than 1000m this day!

Finally relaxing on Cronje Mountain

It was a slightly milder night here and we had a lovely outlook back towards the twinkling lights of the Hydro Majestic. 

The last day was on the undulating Black Range Track back to the cars, and we kept an eye open for koalas and explored another trail nearby. 

Winter is a challenging time to camp overnight, but also a very beautiful time and there are no flies or mosquitos. Thanks to those who came along for this fantastic explore of this beautiful  area.  We hope to do more exploration of some of the other trails in this area soon! Jocelyn

Sun, 19 June - Burramoka Fire Trail to Hanging Rock, Blackheath

Burramoka Fire Trail to Hanging Rock

Sat 11 June - Ngula Bulgarabang GLBTQ walk

It was a beautiful day for our annual GLBTQ walk.  This time we visited Ngula Bulgarabang with its terrific tracks and views.  Thanks to all who came along and enjoy the Relive video below:

Ngula Bulgarabang walk

Sat 4 June - Cowan to Berowra 

This is a very pretty walk with lots of ups and downs, great views, gorgeous Angophora trees and rock outcrops.  We were a pared down group after a few cancellations but that didn't stop our enthusiasm. Unfortunately my Relive video didn't work for some reason, but the walk was 15.7km and took us 6 hours.


We stopped for sustenance and a brief rest at the beautiful river at Berowra Waters.

Then we pushed on to the end of the walk at Berowra.  What a lovely walk!!

Sun 15 May - Gordons Bay Snorkel


9 Bush Lemons plunged into the pleasant autumn waters in search of the Gordon’s Bay underwater nature trail. We set off from Gordon’s Bay beach up the southern side of the bay and were greeted by a beautiful 2 metre Wobbegong swimming slowly along. Several schools of Luderick (with black stripes), blue and green groupers, Māori wrasse, and a few parrot fish.

Blue Grouper

 We then headed across the bay to the Northern side and finally found the trail. Some of the markers were difficult to spot due to recent weather events. This side of the bay had an abundance of Mados, Sweep, Angel fish and Stingarees and a strange looking conglomerate of anemone called Isaurus Cliftoni.  

Isaurus Cliftoni Anemone

Fan Sponge


After 80 minutes in the water it was time to head in and get warm. Thanks to everyone who came and splashed around, to Joc for going back to fetch the buoy, and to Vanessa for her photos!  Rachael

Sat 14 May - Tempe to Brighton Bike ride 

It was a cracker of a day for our ride from Tempe to Brighton. Eight keen women turned up for the ride. We followed the Cooks River to Kyeemagh cycle and walk path to Brighton Beach, where we stopped for morning tea, the sun came out just as we arrived. There were no swims but one Lemon decided to ride back home and pick up her stand up paddle board and drive back for a paddle. Along the way we saw some sand sculptures and community gardens. We all had a wonderful time trying to solve the problems of the world over a cup of coffee, tea and cake for some. After morning tea we rode back to Tempe the same way. Britta

 Sat 7 May - Sunday 8 May - Splendour Rock, Wild Dog Mountains

Thanks to the marvellous walkers who took on this challenging hike to fantastic Splendour Rock.  Everyone ought to do this hike at least once! I have chosen appropriate dramatic music for the video!

Splendour Rock video

Sat, 30 April - Zigzag & Reinits Pass Tracks, Mt Victoria

Good on those who joined us for an expected wet walk along these tracks, but we were pretty lucky with the weather.  There was a tricky landslip halfway along the Reinits Track to negotiate, and then I complicated things by losing one of my dogs (you can see on the video where I backtrack to try to find him. He was found at 5am Sunday rather bedraggled but okay).  Thanks to the walkers for their forbearance and patience and to Portia for keeping us all in line!

Relive video

Saturday, 2 April - Perrys Lookdown to Lockleys Pylon Track

Perrys to halfway up Lockleys Pylon

Sunday, 20 March - Ingar & Andersons Fire Trail

Our 25km walk on the Ingar and Andersons Fire Trail was on a dry sunny day (amazing!).  It's a long walk with a really decent hill and very varied scenery.  My Relive video doesn't have many photos but it gives a really good overview of the walk.

Ingar & Andersons firetrails

Sat, 19 Feb - Spit to Manly

This walk is always lovely with harbour views and swims.  Our lunch time swim at Fairlight Tidal Pool was extra exciting due to the big swell and we frolicked like kids.  We also spotted a lovely acquatic animal off 40 Baskets Beach.  Enjoy the Relive video:

Sat, 12 Feb - Faulconbridge Point and Grose River

The gate to the National Park at Glenbrook was closed due to water over the causeway, so we chose  to do this alternate walk:  Faulconbridge Point and Grose River

Fri, 4 - Sun, 6 Feb - Ganguddy camp

What a lovely weekend spent out in this beautiful area near Rylstone. We were pretty lucky with the weather as most showers were brief and followed by sun.  Thanks to the 32 Lemons who came along and embraced all the different activities or just relaxed and chilled out.

There were games aplenty.  Thanks for Ali for bringing her circus skills and toys! 

Many thanks to generous and patient Kate who brought all her Nomads kayaks with her and led memorable kayak trips on the waters, including a fantastic evening kayak where we drifted along as night fell listening to all the beautiful sounds of nature. We were welcomed back to the camp by the other Lemons who welcomed us with fairy lights and song!

There were a numbers of bushwalks, including the lovely Pagoda lookout and Long Cave. Orchids were spied and bird lists made.


Watch the video of our bushwalk here: Video of Pagoda Lookout, Weir & Long Cave walk

Bec & Belinda put on a lovely cheese platter spread for us, there were visits to check out the campervans, small tent problems were fixed, possums, quolls and turtles spotted, friendships made, swims aplenty, much laughter and stories told.  

Thanks to Anne and Sophie for many of the photos. Thanks to Olga, Deb & Gaby for their gazebos for shelter when it rained.

What a wonderful time spent in nature with a wonderful group of Lemons.  Thank you all!! Jocelyn

Sun, 30 Jan 2022 - Cabbage Tree Bay Snorkel

It really was a perfect day for snorkelling, and Cabbage Bay Aquatic Reserve off Shelley Beach was the perfect location.

A lovely group of Lemons gathered for the day and very soon we were in the water and just amazed by the variety of fish that we saw!  This is an accessible and wonderful spot to see so much.  I'll let the photos speak for themselves!

Blue Groper

Eastern Fiddler  Ray

A Wobbegong's tail

Thanks to Ange and Anne for the photos and Rachael  for leading us on such a wonderful snorkelling day, and thanks to all those adventurous souls who came along and were treated to such amazing sights! Jocelyn

Lockley's Pylon Track to Grose River - 2 Jan 2022

Lockley's Pylon Track to Grose River

Bikeride Mt Blackheath & Hanging Rock, Blackheath - 16 Jan 2022

After what seemed like weeks of wet weather, the day of the ride began with dry blue skies and the rare sight of a golden orb in the sky. I am told this is known as the sun.

We warmed up our legs on the more forgiving part of the ride out to Mount Blackheath, then headed in the opposite direction on our way to hanging rock.

This area had been affected by the fires and it was encouraging to see all the new greenery especially in the valley. 

Hanging Rock

Looks flat doesn't it?
Bg smiles and jelly legs

Thanks to Bec and Alison for joining me on this jolly jaunt and apologies for forgetting to take happy snaps at mount blackheath. 🤦🏻

Cheers, Olga

Staples Lookout to Girrakool, Central Coast - 8 January 2022

Wentworth Falls Lake -  18 Dec 2021

Lawsons Long Alley to Lockyers Rd, Mt York - 11 Dec 2021

Furber stairs to Ruined Castle - 4 Dec 2021

Relive 'Furber Stairs to Ruined Castle'

The Bloody Long Walk - Palm Beach to Manly - 35km

Rachael, Angela D, Vee and Fiona B


The route (with lots of comfort stops)

The weather forecast (~10-25mm per hour, every hour)

The Bush Lemons team at the starting point in Palm Beach. Fiona demonstrating her headwear style 

Avalon Beach with Bilgola Head in the background. 7kms down and feeling quite sodden; time for a chemist stop and coffee #1.

Mona Vale Beach - White-out! 15kms down, Checkpoint 3, with friendly marshalls giving out fruit and lots of encouragement. Angela was mistaken for a volunteer marshall in her yellow jacket.

The water jump!

Lunch stop at North Narrabeen, coffee #2. Thanks to the wonderful café owners who did not mind all our dripping gear. Rachael pulling a sad and wet face. Time to apply warm, dry socks. Vee’s bee socks did not go unnoticed. 

After several more kms, lots more rain, feet checks, and spirited conversations with other walkers (including the Mito Minions, and one very inspiring member with a prosthetic leg), we made it to Manly.

Elated, relieved and feeling proud of our achievement. Thanks to Angela and Sam for the early ride to the start, thanks Fiona for the carpooling home.  Thanks gals – it was a great team effort. Rachael

Saturday, 26 June - Fortress Ridge & Darks Cave

Fortress Ridge is a fairly easy and accessible walk out to one of the best views over the Grose Valley.  20 of us from Bush lemons and Bandanna Social Lesbians were lucky enough to do this walk on a sunny, though slightly blustery, day.  

Although affected by the bushfires, there is much evidence of recovery and new growth.

11 of us then continued on for the second part of the walk to Darks Cave, a gorgeous cave used by the Dark family as their holiday home decades earlier.  The gully in which it is located was not affected by the fires and it is full of birds, plants, a gurgling creek and a beautiful hush.


Thanks to all those who came on this walk, to Stevie and Bandanna Social Lesbians, to Anne for some photos, to those who helped carpool, and to those who came to the lovely dinner at The Bunker on the Friday night. Jocelyn

Saturday, 19 June - Palm Beach to Narrabeen

It was understandable that numbers were small on this walk, considering the forecasted gale winds and heavy rain, but we were very lucky with the weather.  Palm Beach was gorgeous as always.

There was road walking, tracks over headlands and pathways next to beaches.  And because of the huge swell the waves were extraordinary - we could have watched them for hours.

The walk took 5 hours and yes at the end the rain had started, but it just made the walk more action packed.

Nothing like a hot drink to finish off a bracing walk. Jocelyn

Saturday, 2 June - Porters Pass & Centennial Glen, Blackheath

It was a blustery winter's day for our walk in his lovely historic area of Blackheath.  Under foot was still wet from melted snow, but the views were sublime and the company wasn't too bad either.

We accessed Corona Point via a rockclimbers track to take in the view and enjoy morning tea.

Then it was onto Centennial glen, the lovely waterfall, lunch at Walls Ledge, and then the return walk back up.

Prue uploaded one of her wonderful videos of the day onto our Facebook page.  Thanks all for coming along in crisp conditions!  Jocelyn

Sunday, 7 June - Bike ride Lawson

Once again Mother Nature provided a beautiful day to play in the great outdoors 

 7 Lycra clad lemons tackled a sweet little single track loop in Lawson

Pumped and rearing to go we all dismounted to make a tricky decent 😅

Our first mechanical incident only 5 minutes in had us in pit lane.... wheels off, tubes flying, pumps pumping.  A world record tube change after a nasty pinch flat saw us back on the trail in no time

Some tight switchbacks tested our skills and balance.

It was discovered that an outburst of expletives was an effective method to stay upright in tricky situations. Pedalling with perseverance found us all to quickly at the end of the loop and heading to the nearest cafe for coffee and pastries

Thanks to all  for making the effort to join this Bushlemons ride and add some extra joy to the weekend!! 

 Also like to thank to the Photographers Rachael and Kate. And for the IT support for this techno challenged report writer

 Wheely appreciate it 😅  Olga

Saturday, 22 May -Narrowneck, Katoomba

What a way to start a walk, with us seeing the rare and elusive Narrowneck Phantom Falls!

10 of us started off on Narrowneck, with 3 doing a 'lite' version of the walk.  It was the perfect day for this walk as initially we had the foggy valleys and once it lifted we could see forever.

Lunch was at Clear Hill at the end before we strode back.  Thanks to all for their photos and company. Jocelyn

Saturday, 15 May - Lawson Waterfall circuit - evening walk

7 Lemons thought it would be a good idea to walk around a waterfall circuit in the dark, on the coldest day of the year so far - and it was so worth it! We started the walk in the late afternoon, and enjoyed getting away from the cold wind as we descended to the first of the waterfalls. We were there in time to see it in daylight and enjoy how clear the water was. There is still a lot of water in the creeks following the recent heavy rains, so all the waterfalls are flowing and can be heard echoing through the bush. Its magic to walk beside the creeks and through the bushland at twilight, with very little human noise and the sound of babbling water to keep us company. We enjoyed the muddy sections, occasional wet feet (did I mention how clear the water was) and the beauty of exploring the area by torchlight. The highlight came at the very end of the walk, at Cataract Waterfall when we all turned off our headlights and waited… to be greeted by the twinkling lights of the glow worms as they put on their show. Standing under a damp rocky ledge and looking up, it was like seeing the night sky but with totally different constellations. While their light is so bright, we couldn’t see them when we turned on our torches and tried to find them - they must be so tiny. A fantastic walk and with good company - a perfect way to spend a Saturday evening!

Saturday, 15 May - Mt Victoria Falls to Pierces Pass

9 of us braved the sleet and wind and had a lovely walk through the Grose Valley.  The regeneration after the fires is going well and the waterfalls, creek and river were beautiful.  The track down to Burra Korain has had a lot of good work put into it. We had morning tea near Burra Korain, where the creek joins the Grose River.


The walk along the river is lovely, with the escarpment towering above.  We soon reached where the Pierces Pass track heads up to the escarpment and through lovely rainforest.

Many thanks to Liz, Olga and Ursula for helping with cars early on the chilly morning.  Jocelyn

Saturday, 1 May - Kedumba Pass, Wentworth Falls

Eleven of us descended down Kedumba Pass and luckily the fog lifted from the valley. 


We stopped for morning tea along the way before checking out the wonderfully restored Maxwells Hut.

We then lunched by the river before we walked back up the pass. 

 This valley is such a beautiful treasure, full of animals and birds.  We may do another overnight walk down here soon. Jocelyn

25 year anniversary weekend - 23-25 April

What a way to bring in our 25 years!!!  40 women gathered at the lovely Wollemi Common for workshops, games, talks around the firepit, wonderful food, incredible desserts, drumming, the amazing olympics (full of sleeping bag stuffing, timed tent erections, boot throwing, captain ball and tunnel ball) - organised by sports mistresses Anne, Ange and Sharron.  

Saturday night was full of music, speeches, stories, and a brilliant and funny skit (I still haven't stopped laughing).  On Sunday there was a great attempt at recreating Renoir's painting, Luncheon of the Boating Party.  Many thanks to Prue for her filmmaking skills (see her olympic games & painting recreation films on our Facebook page).

Winning tunnell ball team (missing Vee)

What a wonderful time we all had during the weekend.  Many thanks to all those who helped, washed up and cleaned up.  Many, many thanks to Anne, Sharron and Max for being such a wonderfully easy organising group!! We may make this camp at Wollemi Common a yearly event.  Thanks Lemons. Jocelyn 

Saturday, 10 April - Furber Stairs to Giant Staircase

18 Lemons visited the Sculptures at Scenicworld Exhibition after descending down Furber Stairs (with one Lemon taking the Railway).  The sculptures were lovely in their perfect setting in the rainforest and viewed from the boardwalk. 

This answers the question of how many Lemons you can get in an old railway car!

A familiar scene for anyone who has done an overnight walk with us

We then walked on the Federal Pass past the bottom of Katoomba Falls to where the group split up to tackle the Giant Stairs through longer, shorter or quicker options.

It was a beautiful day for such a lovely walk and thanks to everyone who came along.  

Thanks also to Ange for sharing her artwork with us, which seems to have started encouraging other items of underwear to come out!  Jocelyn

Friday, 12 March - Monday 15 march - Kanangra to Katoomba (50km)

8 Lemons left Kanangra Walls very early on Friday after being safely delivered by our drivers, Sharron and Sue - thank you girls!  Even though the plateau was covered with mist, it was still beautiful.

The Pass off Kanangra

Pink flannel flowers

Once down the pass and off the plateau we stopped for morning tea at Crafts Wall and then steadily climbed up Mt Berry, High & Mighty, Rip, Rack, Roar, Rumble and eventually Mt Cloudmaker herself!

Morning tea stop

The Summit team on Cloudmaker!

Immediately after Cloudmaker the track conditions changed.  We had been expecting some difficulty in following this track since the bushfires and were prepared with a navigation device.  It was just as well as weeds, grasses and saplings now covered the area and we only occasionally saw the track. Shortly after leaving the summit one of our party had a bad fall and did an injury to her leg. Initially it was thought it could have been a break, but after first aid was applied and the contents of her pack split and carried by the rest of us, she was able to continue to Dexs Creek where we camped the night.

Dexs Creek had lots of available water

The next morning we set off to again find the track fully overgrown, so we had to navigate every step.  It was an exhausting day, but beautiful scenery (when you could see over the weeds & saplings!).  We had been leapfrogging with a solo walker (Garry) who found the track conditions equally challenging and asked to tag along with us.  He stayed until we were well along Narrowneck on the last day before thanking us, complimenting our team and bidding us farewell.  

Such a long, exhausting day full of bushbashing and navigating!  There were numerous falls since we couldn't see where we were putting our feet, and the descent down Mt Strongleg was particularly trying.  It could not have been done without Angela's calm navigating skills and everyone trusting that we would reach Coxs River eventually.  What a bloody good bunch!!!  And of course laughs kept us going, such as when we discovered that Olga and Rachael were actually twins.

  The swim in one of the creeks next to our campsite late that afternoon was bliss!!

The next morning we had to cross the creek twice and then the Coxs River, and Rachael showed off her piggybacking prowess to ensure that Sharon's wounded leg did not get wet.  Another team effort!

Clearly Angela didn't get the email about which direction to go

After successfully reaching the other side of the Coxs River, we then started the long ascent up Yellow Pup Ridge in the rain.  It took awhile and then we continued along the sometimes visible track towards Mobbs Swamp/Soak, where thankfully we were able to take shelter in the cave here to warm up and dry out!

The perfect cave on a wet and cold day!

So that everyone could camp where they wanted to, we left 2 walkers at the cave to have the óvernight in a cave' experience (complete with Agile Antichinus), whilst the rest of us walked onto Medlow Gap for our last night.


Thankfully our last day dawned sunny and bright and when our 2 cave campers joined us we started the ascent up Mt Debert and to Taros Ladders.

The group cleverly engineered the best and safest way to get all our packs to the top (oops! sorry about the Jetboil, Erin!), and had a lot of fun whilst doing it!

Rachael and our good mate, Garry

After clambering the rest of the way up to Clear Hill, we lunched and then did our #FedUp #EnoughisEnough performance!

Then it was the long slog back along Narrowneck to the locked gate and cold drinks from the esky in my car!!!!

Here's to a wonderful bunch of walkers!

The best thing about walking in the wilderness is that you have to handle anything that happens yourselves, and that is exactly what we did....from navigational challenges, to injuries, wet & cold weather, sharing the load, working out problems, making decisions as a group!  Well done Lemons 

27 February Grand Canyon Loop Blackheath

6 lemons started the descent into the Grand Canyon from the Evans lookout end - rain jackets were soon discarded. 

It was a hot muggy morning and the canyon was totally beautiful. We were all very glad we had started early as the tourists were thin on the ground.

Easy to forget how beautiful this walk is – no wonder there are so many people. With all the rain we have had lately there was lots of water and waterfalls and the spiders webs were magnificent.


After having morning tea under a huge overhang we headed back up. We certainly came up with some great ideas for the anniversary weekend….

Thank to those who came and for sharing your pics. Anne


Saturday, 21 February - Spit to Manly

The weather forecast had not looked good for this walk, but it turned out perfectly.  It's such a gorgeous and picturesque walk and because of the forecast it meant not so many people as usual were out. Lovely swims and company.

Thanks to those who came along.  It was so nice to have a walk without rain!! Jocelyn

Sunday, 14 February - 6 Foot Track to Coxs River

 The Coxs River is beautiful with its granite boulders and rushing waters.  We had a lovely walk down to a quiet swimming hole just past Bowtells Swing Bridge, away from the madding crowds.  The water was perfect for swimming and ideal for a leisurely lunch spot.

The walk back took us a little longer and we enjoyed the views and critters along the way.

Thanks to those who came along for this leisurely stroll. Jocelyn  

Sunday, 7 February - Combined kayak with Nomads, Pittwater

24 kayakers and 7 yachtswomen joined forces for our day in the sunshine.  

The kayakers started at Bayview and circled Scotland Island before checking out Lovetts Bay & lovely Salvation Creek.

We lunched in Lovetts Bay where we met the yacht skippered by Fiona, and there was much eating and swimming!

The yacht took off for a jaunt up Pittwater whilst the kayakers enjoyed the challenge of the headwind on our trip back to Bayview.

Thanks to the Lemons and Nomads who attended and to Kate and Janene for leading us, and to those who shared their photos. Jocelyn

Saturday, 6 February - Snorkelling, La Perouse

The Lemons had a wonderful day near Bare Island at La Perouse.  Rachael had chosen 2 good spots for us to explore, full of sea sponges, varieties of fish, an octopus that fell in love with Angela (or perhaps it was Angela's flipper).  It rained a bit but it didn't matter since we were in the water.  After lunch most of us retired to a local cafe for lunch. Thanks to Rachael and Meg for their expertise and to those who came along and also shared their photos! Jocelyn

Angela's adoring octopus

Chart of local fish

Spot the Flathead

Sunday, 31 January - Gladstone, Lindemans & Copelands Pass

Well if its a wet day you may as well be out in the bush where the rain makes everything magical.  We descended down historic Gladstone Pass which is just beautiful.

We then arrived at the junction with Lindemans Pass and followed it along the bottom of the cliff line.  There were a few new landslips and waterfalls.

Then we arrived at the rock cairn which indicated the Copelands Pass track and the fun began with lots of scrambles and hauling ourselves up by ropes.

And if you wonder what we looked like after all this activity with the wet, mud, occasional leech,and mist......I think we all looked pretty tough and happy!

Although on closer examination, I was a bit mucky!

Thanks to the great Lemons who came along and those who shared their photos too. Jocelyn

Saturday, 23 January - T3 Walk from Mountain Lagoon to Colo River

Yes, it was a hot day, but what a beautiful area to spend it in.  We cut out the dirt road walking so as to limit our time out in the sun and the highlights certainly were the wilderness area and the magnificent Colo River.

We played, frolicked and laughed in the river, we caught the current down from the nearby small rapids, and we lunched in the shade on the banks of the river.  I was too busy enjoying the river to take many photos!

But what goes down must go back up and it was not without its challenges.  Everyone looked after each other admirably.

Thanks so much to all those who came along and to those who shared their photos.  What a day!!! Jocelyn

Saturday, 9 January - Vera & Hippocrene Falls, Wentworth Falls

21 of us enjoyed the first Lemons walk of the year - Wentworth Falls to Vera & Hippocrene Falls and Valley of the Waters.  Although more people have been walking the Vera Falls track, it is still quieter than some others. Wentworth Falls were majestic in their splendour and Slacks Stairs a quick way to the bottom!

After morning tea we then descended down along the creek and through the beautiful trees to firstly Hippocrene Falls and then Vera Falls for lunch.  One brave (or foolhardy) Lemon went in for a splash under the falls!

After lunch it was up and up and we did hit the crowds through the Valley of the Waters but it didn't take away from our wonderful experience lower in the valley.

Thanks to all those who came and those also who shared their photos.  It was such a treat. Getting away and into the bush and nature with a bunch of women is what it's all about! Jocelyn

Saturday, 19 Dec - Euroka and Nepean River

So our Plan A was Erskine Creek, but with the road closed due to a miniscule amount of water over it, we came up with Plan B - the Euroka Clearing track and Nepean River.  Thanks to Prue for one of her wonderful videos....

Saturday, 5 Dec - Tinpot, Coxs River, Breakfast Creek

This track is always a good challenge.  Due to the impact of this year’s bushfires, it has areas where the track is even more difficult to find due to the influx of some weeds.  But the Chestnut Quail, Golden Whistlers, Sea Eagle, black snake, echidna, axe grinding grooves, views, gorgeous Breakfast Creek, flowers, all made it very worthwhile.  I'll let the photos do the talking....

Thanks to those who came along for the walk!  Jocelyn

Saturday 28 November - Wentworth Falls Lake

The scheduled walk to Ripple Rock on Fortress Ridge was cancelled due to the hot conditions, so instead we did the Wentworth Falls Lake walk followed by swimming, a picnic and kayaking.  Thanks to Prue for her lovely video below:-

Saturday 22 November - Nature Trail Wentworth Falls

7 Lemons headed out on a slow explore of this lovely track on Saturday morning. We started at the Conservation Hut and headed out on the easy flat section which allowed us to get our eyes working so we could see the wonders that surrounded us. The bush is subtle and as we slowed down we could see the wonders everywhere.

We must have seen at least 30 different flowers – most of them purple! Plus the cream pom pom of the Soft Leaf Mimosa tree and  the iconic Mountain Devil. The views and rock formations along the way are fantastic too.

We found a beautiful little swimming hole that I had on good authority was “very refreshing”. The Empress Canyon is gorgeous but we passed so many canyoners I do wonder how it copes – another example of our resilient bush.

It is a bit of a climb back to the Conservation Hut but we all made it safe and sound.

Thanks to everyone who came along. Anne

Saturday, 7 November - Macro Lems Street Art

It was a great turnout with nine of us taking to the streets of Newtown, poised and ready to snap the plethora of art surrounding the area. The precarious weather did cast some doubt on some Bush Lemons, hence choosing to take a raincheck for now…..pardon the pun!

After a few technical issues, we were able to secure a group photo.

Thanks to Norma and Rachael who provided commentary on the local area, in addition to taking us to some beautiful areas for more Macro Lems photo opportunities.

Norma was able to direct us to this beautiful spot which is like a mini version of the streets in Grafton when the jacas are in full bloom.

From this point, some Lemons started to make their long journey home while the rest of us finished off at the Sydney Park brick kilns and chimneys. Poppy

Sunday, 8 November - bike ride Blackheath to Pt Pilcher, Medlow Bath

Once again ladies it was a perfect day to be out on two wheels (sometimes one 😱).

The early cloud kept away the intense hum of the cicadas so we were able to prattle as we pedalled.

At the halfway mark of Point Pilcher we had the added bonus of not only a great view, but the presence of an ah-teest 

After a drink and snack we mounted up with the incentive of a fine coffee at the finish line.

Tete de la course on the race to coffee

The peloton

And as promised... some beautiful Waratahs doing what they do best 😁 blooming!

And lastly... dodgy deals in the carpark ... what is this world coming to?

Thank you ladies for making the effort to join me on this lovely ride. For enhancing the experience with your tales, mirth and tenacity to the end.  Great day! Olga

Fri, 23 Oct - Sun, 25 Oct - Six Foot Track

Despite the uninspiring weather forecast, 5 plucky Lemons decided to throw caution to the winds and do the Six Foot Track anyway. Many thanks to Sharron and Sue for driving us out to Black Range Camp.  Friday's walk was leisurely and Black Range Campsite was lovely to spend our first night, complete with swooping Magpie and wallaby.

The next day it was an early start with the first 8km along the fire trail with orchids, flowers, and butterflies spied.

Caper White butterflies

We paused at the shelter of Alum Creek Campground for lunch before pushing on up the hills to reach the Coxs River Campground.  

We did manage to talk Ange into not taking the tour operator's esky & other items here 

Liz and her trusty umbrella

We had been pre-warned by some other walkers about the party atmosphere by a group here, so after refilling our water we decided to walk on and camp up near the swing bridge.


The bridge was a tad slippery in the wet weather

However, after another Lemon joined us and due to the very wet conditions, we decided to walk out to Megalong Road rather than wait till the following even wetter day.  This added 8km to our already long, wet day, but everyone rose to the challenge magnificently!  Thanks to Olga for walking in with full pack to meet us, and then walking out swiftly with us!  We were out at Megalong Rd by 7.15pm.

At the top of the last hill!

This was also the last of our walks totalling 100km for Trek for Timor.  Thanks to those who participated.  It's not too late to make a donation:  Jocelyn

 Jamison & Kedumba Valley camp, Fri 16 - Sun, 18 October

9 of us walked into the Jamison Valley and camped at the gorgeous Kedumba Valley Campground.  We were incredibly lucky with the weather as it only rained briefly on Saturday night.  Kangaroos, goannas, 1 black snake, games, swimming, the earliest and longest bird chorus ever, painting, drawing, exploring, and early morning special sightings of a platypus!  30km of walking was wonderful.  Thanks so much to all who came, and Prue for the lovely video below which encapsulates the joy of the walk & weekend. Jocelyn

Prue's video of our walk/camp

Sunday, 11 October - Macro Lems at Scheyville National Park

9 Lemons ventured back in time to explore the historical and natural features of Scheyville National Park near Pitt Town in the Hawkesbury.

This site has been a farm training school for young men predominantly from England in the early 1900s; a post World War II migrant camp in the mid 1900s and an officer training school for the Australian Army during the Vietnam War (to name just a few).

There remains a number of buildings and structures from these uses, many of them falling into dereliction. 

Surrounding the National Park Area Office are gardens with a variety of native plants.

 The usual conclusion to any good Macrolems session is a coffee and chat - Pitt Town provided the perfect shady spot in the garden of the 1826 Scots Presbytarian Church (as the cafe was full!).  Vicky

Saturday, 3 October - LittleZigzag, Reinits Pass, Mt Piddington

This 10km walk covers a lot of interesting areas in Mt Victoria, caves, waterfalls, rainforest areas, views into Kanimbla Valley.  18 Lemons and 5 dogs enjoyed this walk.  Prue threw together a wonderful video for us, but unfortunately I couldn't upload it (it's on our Facebook page instead). Enjoy the photos. Jocelyn

Dog portage
Safely in Mum's arms

Sunday, 27 Sept - Pisgah Rock, Erskine Creek, Blands Pool

Erskine Creek is a magical area.  It is accessed from Glenbrook and the exciting descent and ascent at Pisgah Rock.  

And then there is the gorgeous creek flowing over rocks, creating natural pools and little waterfalls everywhere.

Blands Pool itself

Needless to say there were a few swims!  And the treats didn't stop there.....orchids, and the last few hundred metres back at the top we came across a grove of Woody Pear trees, Donkey Orchids, and a shy pair of Glossy Black Cockatoos!

Woody Pear Tree

Beautiful day and lovely company.  Thanks to the 8 women who came along, and Liz for her car. Jocelyn

The adventurous bunch!

Saturday, 26 Sept - Wentworth Falls Lake

Seven Lemons enjoyed a very nice meander around Wentworth Falls Lake on Saturday.  Somehow, we managed to turn a one-hour walk  into 2.5 hours! Although it was windy and cold, the Lake was a treat and there was plenty to see. We were all surprised at how full the lake was, with water lapping over the spillway next to the bridge. Spring has really brought out the contrasts between the bushland and the cultivated gardens. With flowers everywhere, it was the majesty of the waratahs that really captivated us. There is now a coffee van (Love Bites) parked beside the Lake most days, so it was easy for us to have a very good Covid-safe coffee in the park afterwards. I have it on good authority that the Reuben sandwich was the “best ever”! Hope you enjoy the shots, and my apologies for not getting one of the group - I promise, there really were 7 of us!  Sharron

Can you spot the bird?

Mama duck and her ducklings

Just in case the ducks went for a walk....

Spring was everywhere

Not quite warm enough for a swim

Saturday, 19 Sept - Gerringong to Kiama Coastal Track

It was great to share the Coastal Track with eleven Bush Lemons on Saturday.

Contrary to the forecast, we had great weather. Cloudy and humid to start, followed by periods of sunshine and warmth.

Morning tea was on one of the headlands with great views and a couple of squadrons of Pelicans gliding overhead. 

Lunch was under the shade of a Coral Tree on Easts Beach, followed by sightings of whales breaching out to sea. 

At the Kiama Lighthouse we then finished the walk with a refreshing swim in the Rockpool.

Thank you all for your lovely company and for making the trip down south. Fran

Saturday, 5 Sept -Ngula Bulgarabang Regional Park

Our very talented Lemon filmmaker, Prue, threw together this video of today's walk (best watched on Full Screen).  Although initially it seems the photogenic poodle is hogging the limelight, thankfully enough screen time is given to the bushwalkers and the joyous labrador. Thanks Prue and everyone who came along today! Jocelyn

Sunday, 30 Aug - Walls Lookout

It was a small group that completed the Walls Lookout walk on 30.8.2020 to continue capturing the regrowth and recovery of the bush following the dreadful fires last summer. Under a sparkling blue sky the walk out took far longer than the walk back. It may have been the number of photo stops on the way to the lookout or perhaps it was the allure of a coffee that hurried the walk back!

 The bush continues to recover and last month when I did this walk there were no birds at all. But there were a few seen and heard today.


Thanks for the great company and look out 'Macrolemers', between the three of us we have come up with a few ideas for future walks. Vicky

Sat, 29 Aug - Fortress Rock & Darks Cave

This lovely walk is 8 km along Mt Hay Road and is then a relatively short walk to Fortress Rock and the beautiful views over the Grose Valley.

Lemons down on Fortress Rock
Lemons down on Fortress Rock

Darks Cave is getting more visitors now that people can even find it's location on google maps.  But this doesn't take away from its atmosphere, and the gully it is situated in is gorgeous.


Our very own Darks Cave expert. Lizzie, giving us a talk over lunch 

We then walked over to Fortress Ridge and ended up admiring the view from Ripple Rock

Thanks to everyone who came along and those who helped with cars out to the start.  Such a lovely way to spend a beautiful day in great company. 

And last but not least, there's always one Lemon who decides to go too close to the edge and has to be hauled back....

Sunday, 2 August - Great Mackerel to West Head

Sue's picturebook bushwalk report:-


5 August 2020 Birdwatching Minni Haha Falls Katoomba

12 Lemons headed out in search of a bird
Where whistles 'n' bells, sweet songs could be heard.
With binoculars raised and ears tuning in
To Minni Haha we headed let the watching begin
The slow graceful flight of the Black Cockatoo
New Holland Honeyeaters – there’s always a few.
Crimson Rosellas – the call of the bell
The Red Wattlebird has more of a yell.

And then there’s the littlies, the cute Pardalote,
The Eastern Spinebill looks good in its coat.
The Brown Thornbill tweets, is tiny and plain.
Had trouble finding the Tree Martin's name.

The birds were all active – chasing each other,
Preening and singing – finding their lover.
The Kookaburra laughed in the old gum tree
The Grey Shrike Thrush sang – especially for me.
Minnihaha was full – right up to the brim
One brave Bush Lemon just jumped right on in!
As we left the bush and headed for tea
Dronus Irritatus was a buggar to see.

With hot drinks in hand and blueberry muffin
A nice little walk – no huffin and puffin
Just as we left there were sprinkles of rain
I like this bird watching let’s do it again.

Thanks to Tessa, Lesley, Vicky and Jocelyn for photos and to Jocelyn for muffins, Kaye for chocs

Other birds seen but not rhymed: White Throated Treecreeper, Superb Fairy Wren, Currawong, Little Wattlebird, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, duck, bird of prey.

Anne xx

Saturday, 8 August - Roberts Pass & Lindemans Pass

After a number of cancellations due to the possible wet conditions, it was 6 Lemons who tackled Lindemans Pass. We started off in sun and only had a brief shower during the day, so perfect walking conditions.  

Roberts Pass descends below Moya Point and is accessible from the Fairmont Resort. After the short descent we soon turned off onto Lindemans Pass.

The track has had more people walking on it over the years so its therefore easier to follow, but we didn't see another soul on it!  The waterfalls were many and gorgeous.

There have been lots of large landslips over the last 6 months, which were pretty shocking.


We had morning tea at Dash Cave and lunch a beautiful ampitheatre near the bottom of Gordon Falls

And then it was a matter of getting to the end of the Pass and walking up all the stairs to finish at the top of the cliff near Solitary Restaurant.

Thanks to those who came along with their sense of adventure, thanks to Anne for helping with cars, and thanks to those who shared their photos.  What a hidden treasure this track is! Jocelyn

Fri, 24 July - Sat, 25 July - Overnight camp past Medlow Gap

Lemons at start

We decided to modify this weekend walk to 1 night due to the forecasted rain and possible thunderstorm.  So we decided to leave Splendour Rock for another weekend and aimed to camp in between Medlow Gap and Mobbs Swamp. 2 Lemons joined us for the walk to the end of Narrowneck.

After a short rest at Clear Hill we then descended down the pass and had morning tea at Mt Debert.

Some small adjustments were made to Erin's boot to stop blisters 

There was quite a lot of water in the creeks before Mobbs Swamp, so we ended up choosing a site near an existing firepit, and collected water from the nearby creeks. The fires earlier this year had affected this area which was sad to see, but it was still beautiful and birds were around, and we heard  a possum (presumably!) in the night.

Pauline adds emergency blankets to her inner tent before adding the fly as an ingenuous way of keeping warm 

It was a cold night, and for some also sleepless, so hot drinks at the fire in the morning were very restorative.  We of course ensured the fire was totally out, using both water and dirt, and were thankful to not be packing up in wet.  Then it was a lovely walk back.

Liz with Mt Mouin behind

Patient Pauline whilst I make a mountain out of a molehill

Thanks so much to those who came along on a lovely short break out in the bush. I will hopefully re-schedule Splendour Rock on the next calendar. Jocelyn

Sunday, Hat Hill Road Blackheath

8 chilled Lemons enjoyed a blustery exploration followed by a good leg stretch along Hat Hill Road today. We started before the crowds descended at the car park right next to Hat Hill itself, and walked to the top to get a good view over the fire ravaged valley. There’s such a stark contrast between the ribbons of bright green hanging swamp and the deeply burned ground where, even after 8 months, there’s still little sign of regeneration.

 The area has some wonderful pagodas and we explored a couple before heading down to walk out along the fire trail towards Perry’s Lookdown. Here again, we were surprised by totally untouched trees standing by themselves, next to their burnt and just-recovering neighbours. 

 A few of us enjoyed a takeaway coffee on the streets of Blackheath before heading off to enjoy the rest of the day. Sharron

Lemons at the top of Hat Hill

The burn-line on the far hill shows how quickly the fire turned, leaving devastation alongside unburned bushland

Looking across to a deeply burned hillside

Beautifully physically-diistanced Lemons

Saturday 18 July Devils Hole /. Nellies Glen Circuit

11 Lemons enjoyed the very crisp clear winter’s day to do the Devils Hole/Nellies Glen circuit.

Must have been a lot of people with the same idea as the carpark at the start of the 6ft track was full to overflowing! Luckily most were doing a different track so we had the track pretty much to ourselves.

After walking through the bush, we had a short road walk before a quick side trip to my
new find: a gorgeous little pagoda/overhang/cave. 

We then headed into Devil’s Hole. It is a spectacular pass and “the rock” never ceases to amaze. It is a pretty steep walk down.

Once down the pass we headed through the lush rainforest, 

stopping to have some morning tea. We were all glad to come out into the sun and we headed up the six foot track. 

We found a sunny spot for lunch and then headed up Nellies Glen and returned to the cars.

The walk leader was the only exhausted one!

Thanks to those all who came along in such good cheer and to Jocelyn, Sophie, Fran and Max for your photos. Happy winter walking – it is THE BEST!


Saturday, 11 July - Jamison Valley (Furber Stairs, Katoomba to Kedumba Pass, Wentworth Falls)

We extended this walk to start from Furber Stairs, which is a less crowded and nicer way into the valley I think, but it did mean that the walk was actually 22km - a very nice stretch of the legs. We started with the lovely descent down.

The face in Witches Leap

We then walked on Federal Pass to Leura Forest for morning tea.

The best thing about getting out in the bush when it has been wet is the way you see the bush and clouds like you haven't before.  Wetness enhances everything. The trees were amaaaazing.

The Sublime Point Firetrail is a lovely way to move through the valley and it has a couple of good hills! The lyrebirds were singing everywhere. We stopped for lunch at the second creek crossing, Jamison Creek.

And then it was the long hike up and up, past the Swine Line gate and uuuuuupp.

Thanks to everyone who came along, those Lemons who helped with cars at the end (Liz, Anne, Lesley S), those women who helped with a walker who had a painful hip, and Susan, Anne, Max, Lesley, Kate and Denise for their photos. 
The last word is Angela's (insert 24 instead of 20 though!). Jocelyn

Sunday,  5 July - Bike Ride to Point Pilcher, Medlow Bath

What a marvellous day for a ride!!  9 lemons layered up and leapt on their steeds for a pleasurable pedal to Point Pilcher.  Conditions were perfect and view did not disappoint 

Photo courtesy of Sally did that get in there?!

Velocipedes waiting patiently for their leggy lemons to ride them back to civilisation

Sorry no action shots this time and no before and after  shots either 🤦🏻‍♀️ But thank you to all who shared their photos

Special awards go out to Suprise arrivals 😉, those who  pushed on with lethargic legs and trying new trails. Sue for leading the charge to the point and finally for those that made the journey from places that exist further away than Lawson!! Whoda thought??

Happy Trails

 Thank you one and all for sharing this day in such an enjoyable way. Olga

Saturday, 4 July - Box Head, Bouddi National Park

Walking in the Bouddi National Park was a lovely change for the Lemons.  The bay, beaches, headlands, angophoras, sparkling sea, were all beautiful.

Dee shows us a beautiful rocky overhang before we walked out to the impressive view from Box Head, a beautiful soaring Sea Eagle, and then the scramble down to the rock platform and our break for morning tea.

We then walked along past Little Tallow Beach and onto Tallow Beach for lunch and some of us had swims in the very refreshing surf! It did raise the question of whether you can ever regret having a swim, no matter the water temperature.

Little Tallow Beach

Tallow Beach

Then it was onto the return walk back via the mountain bike track and around the bay.
One of the highlights of the walk for me was the variety of flora!

Many thanks to Dee for showing us such a beautiful part of the Central Coast, to Ali, Anne and Amy for some of the photos.  What a lovely walk! Jocelyn

Saturday, 27 June - Lower Porters Pass & Centennial Pass

It's always good to get away from the madding crowd and onto little used tracks, and this is one of those walks.  The track leaves the main track and descends down into a beautiful rainforest area.

We followed the little creek for a while before starting to ascend up to Centennial Glen, with its wonderful waterfall.

And of course the little canyon....

We then had lunch with spectacular views, not only of the beautiful valley but also of the rockclimbers.


We finished by doing Walls Ledge and watching an amazing 4 year old rockclimber, then it was coffee in Blackheath to finish.  Thanks to all the lovely Lemons who came along for this walk, and thanks to Fran and Ange for their photos. Jocelyn

Saturday, 20 June - Mt Victoria, old  chert railway/Kinderin Track

We had a lovely day in this little valley at Mt Victoria. We first of all walked down the cutting to where the incline railway left the escarpment edge.  There are still the old sleepers and metal bolts in evidence.

Then we walked around to Fairy Bower and the track which leads to the Kinderin Track.

As this track is not much used it can be a bit tricky navigating downed branches.  It is lush ancient rainforest with beautiful moss and fungi.  

On arriving at where the railway ended, we looked at the sidings, rock walls etc.

 Yee old Tab can

And lunched in the forest....

....before heading back the same way.  Thanks to all those who came along, and to Max and Carol for their photos.  A lovely walk for humans and dogs alike. Jocelyn

Saturday, 13 June 2020 - Hydro Majestic Pass to Megalong Valley
What a truly wonderful day for 15 Lemons to break out of their Covid19 harnesses and head out on a walk from Medlow Bath to the Megalong. This walk is best described through photos – it has it all:

Magnificent views

Old and exciting walkways established when the Hydro Majestic was THE place to go. Some Lemons even faced their vertigo demons and won!


Incredibly HUGE rock formations that reduce us to our real size (can you find the Lemons?)

A wonderful track that very slowly winds its way to the bottom through many different habitats.

And then there is the minitia –featuring a bowerbirds nest and fungi:

To top it off there is the usual Bush Lemons cheer and friendship.

After having a bite to eat down near the Megalong Tearooms (unfortunately they were not too welcoming - not even a takeaway coffee was allowed) the group split with 8 returning by car (Covid19 responsible of course!) to the top and 7 walking back.

Thank you to Jocelyn, Kate and Angela for your photos and Kate and Olga for car drop. Special thank you to the 3 new Lemons who came on their first walk.


Sunday, 31 May - Narrowneck Plateau, Katoomba

It was so good to be striding out with the Lemons again after 2 months of adhering to the isolation rules!!  Narrowneck is the perfect place for a good walk with views off both sides of the plateau.

We did the right thing and split into 2 groups of 9.  It was a shame the 2 groups couldn't socialise 😔but of course it was for the greater good.

Group 1
Group 2 - some were more assertive with their physical distancing
The weather was lovely, particularly when the sun came out in the afternoon, and there was a little breeze....but there always is on Narrowneck.  The groups lunch (separately) at the end and then we returned to the start.  It was very interesting to see so many areas on and off Narrowneck that were burnt in the summer fires, and also to see how little regrowth there is in some of the areas.

Burnt areas with no regrowth

And some with lots!
And we also got to see the rare Zieria Covenyi - Narrowneck is only one of two places in the mountains that this grows.

Thanks to all who came along for the walk, and lets look forward to the next one where we can socialise with all!  Thanks, Jocelyn

Saturday, 21 March - Wattamolla to Marley Head (rtn)

Seven Lemons met at Wattamolla for an exploration of the Royal National Park (RNP) coastline.

The advertised walk was one way from Bundeena to Wattamolla. But those plans were foiled firstly by City Rail Trackwork, then the absence of replacement Rail Bus service. And then finally, the knock-out punch was delivered by the new bus service in the RNP halving its 2-hourly service to 4-hourly.

So we modified the route & had a fantastic day!  We met at the Wattamolla car Park. Then walked north to the summit of Marley Head. There were 2 small creek crossings: Coote Creek & then Wattamolla Creek.

Lots of the track is now on boardwalks to minimise erosion of the fragile coastal scrub:

The weather & views were spectacular. Here is a photo of Marley Beach (looking south from Marley Head):

The tracks lead across large white sandstone cliffs:

It was fantastic seeing so much seepage & pooling. A welcomed sight after our dry summer:

We ate morning tea on the south point of Marley Beach. But the seas were too big for a swim there.

We swam at Little Marley Beach, then ate lunch. 

There is a very special place along the track:

Sue G. (Photo credits: Ali, Andrea & Fran)

Sunday, 22 March - Faulconbridge Point & Grose River

The upper Grose Valley is still closed due to the fires, but not the lower Grose Valley, so it was lovely to get into it.  The fire trail gets you out to Faulconbridge Point quite quickly, where you will see we took our social distancing seriously (note the tape measure!).

We then descended down through some lush areas to the gorgeous Grose River, which had clearly been cleansed with the torrential rain a while ago.

Most of us threw our clothes off and jumped straight it.  It was sublime!!!  The Grose has to be one of the best rivers to swim in. 

Then it was time for the climb and ascent back up - the climbing using the ropes it always fun!  For some (ie. me) the ascent was harder than for other's (ie. everyone else), but quite quickly we were back up the top.

And then it was just the stride out back along the fire trail to the cars. There was a swim for some afterwards.  Thanks to those who came along, and to Angela, Isobel and Anne for the photos.  Jocelyn

Sat, 7 March - Sun, 8 March - Ingar overnight walk

Ingar was always a lovely area when you could drive there, but now only walkers or cyclists can access it, it is much more beautiful and serene.

It took around 2.5 hours to walk in, and after setting up our tents a few of us jumped into the water and swam over to the waterfall.  It was cold but so beautiful and crisp and clean.  We rigged up an engineering masterpiece to keep us dry as we sat around a picnic table for dinner.

It was a peaceful night and the rain set in overnight which made for a soggy pack up the next morning and after a leisurely breakfast we made our way back up the road.

Thanks so much for everyone who came along to spend some time in this most beautiful area, undaunted by the wet.  Jocelyn

Saturday, 22 November - Blackheath fire grounds

After attending a very wet Climate Action Rally in Blackheath 7 Lemons took a walk through some fire affected bush near Blackheath. We headed out on a ridge off Ridgewell Rd where we have four wildlife feeding stations. We topped these up as we went.

It is amazing to see the bush regenerating after the fires. This area was not burnt by one of those wild ferocious fires but mostly was a control burn for a containment line. We took our time and examined the many different types of regrowth. Many of the fresh grasses and shoots we saw are not edible for the macropods.

The fires leave behind amazing tree sculptures.

After picnicing in the dry of Jocelyn’s house 9 of us did another short walk through pristine bush to keep the spirits up. The mist cleared just long enough for us to get a glimpse of the green and lush Megalong Valley.

Thanks to all those who came along including out 2 visitors from England and especially to Jocelyn for driving and opening her warm cosy house to us for lunch. Anne
Saturday, 15 Feb - Spit to Manly

14 of us (plus 4 dogs) had a lovely time in beautiful weather on the Spit to Manly. We had swims, stops for morning tea and afternoon tea, and lunch near Manly.  Thanks to everyone who came along for this most lovely walk.  Jocelyn


Saturday, 18 January - Centennial Glen & Porters Pass, Blackheath

Centennial Glen Canyon
It was so wonderful to be walking in the wet again!  Instead of looking parched and brown the landscape had colour, particularly the trees painted with water.  There were lots of birds out including a large pack of Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos.

This track is full of waterfalls, dripping escarpment, tree ferns, lushness, and the 10 Lemons and 4 dogs enjoyed it immensely.

We lunched under a dry overhang and then walked up Porters Pass before walking back to town via Fort Rock.  Thanks to all the women and dogs who came along to enjoy this beautiful and accessible area! Jocelyn

Sunday,  5 January 2020 - Palm Beach to Narrabeen

It was so good to have a big walk by the ocean!  Palm Beach is always lovely and we tried to decide which house we could afford to buy.  Our illusions were destroyed by the very long set of stairs and hills.  The views were sublime as we wandered along roads, bush tracks and beaches.

The route we walked was for Coastrek Sydney 2020, and you can just download their interactive map on your mobile to follow it.

We had stops for snacks and lunch, and tried to keep from getting wet feet from the waves on the beaches.  We finished at Narrabeen and a few of us had a blissful swim as a reward!  Thanks to everyone who came along on this adventurous jaunt.  Jocelyn

Saturday, 21 December - Kamay Botany Bay NP - Henry Head & Cape Banks circuit

Distance: 10km; Grade: M

The hardest thing about this walk was the heat. 34C forecasted for the city. But temperatures were not as severe near the ocean. There was smoke haze, but that was also minimised by the cooling on shore breeze.

Ten Lemons met at 8:30am in La Perouse. The plan was to walk anti-clockwise around the Henry Head & Cape Banks circuit. We set off across Congwong Beach & exited into bush. We then detoured down the Little Congwong Beach track. It ends at a pretty strip of sand, but this beach was populated by male nude bathers. So we headed back to the main track!

Walking up a hill, we enjoyed shade from remanent coastal scrub, & encountered our first military bunker on a crest. Feet tiring in the sandy track, we continued on to Endeavour Lighthouse on Henry Head. We investigated the WWII military bunkers here & watched skindivers below. Seas were calm, with the surge washing back & forth across the rock platform near the divers.

Continuing east we walked on a boardwalk. The plants here struggle against the strong coastal winds in very sandy soil. We were hot & sweaty when we arrived for morning tea & a dip at Cruwee Cove. On the positive side it was cool, wet & the cove was private. But it was low tide, so the channels were shallow between rocks, sea urchins & other scratching things. Fortunately, the only damage was 1 grazed elbow. 

Refreshed we headed up & around to Cape Banks

Cape Banks is the north head of Botany Bay. The headland is a large peninsula surrounded by Sydney’s trademark white sandstone cliffs.

It was easy to get down to sea level on the western side of Cape Banks. So we headed over to investigate the rusting hull of SS Minmi (wrecked in 1937. Read more at link).

Looking south we could see a container ship entering Botany Bay, & also Kurnell.
Climbing back up to the spine of Cape Banks:

We walked north along a graded road in scorching sun.

Very low scrub provided slithers of shade at the historic Coast Hospital Cemetery:

The cemetery contains headstones that date back to the early & mid 1880s. We doubled back to a sealed road & headed NW. And stopped for a final group photo in the shade of some towering Banksia trees with huge conical flower spikes:

There was more roadside walking before we again re-entered the bush (& shade) & walked back across Congwong Beach to our cars at La Perouse.
Thanks to all our Expedition Photographers: InesG, TraciA, NeridaP, WendyD, & TanyaC.
Sue G.

Saturday, 14 December - Paradise Pool, Linden

Paradise Pool is a unique and beautiful place.  5 Lemons participated in reasonable weather considering current conditions.
We had a lovely time, if you haven’t visited before we encourage you to do so.
The photos speak for themselves.  Thanks to all who came along! Erin

Saturday, 30 November - Mt Banks

This walk is all about the destination! The view from Banks Walls is spectacularly breathtaking, especially when leaning into the wind above a 500m drop to the Grass Valley below (I may be exaggerating, but only a little). 5 of us enjoyed a good leg stretch on the firetrail, stopping to admire the gorgeous white flannel flowers, red bottle brush, tiny beautiful blueberry ash flowers and many other botanical delights. We met a beautiful  Eastern Blue Tongue sunning itself in the middle of the track, and literally hundreds of tiny dragons scarpering away to avoid our heavy boots.

2 intrepid Lemons drove to Mt Banks the night before the walk and camped out under the stars. With no other campers and no clouds or lights, the star show was reportedly spectacular. 

Thanks to Susan for the photos, and to Slurps Cafe at Blackheath for the amazing coffee and dumplings after the walk. Sharron

Sunday, 1 December - Megalong Rd to Coxs River

Let's face it, this walk was all about getting to the river for a swim!  The Megalong Valley is so very dry now, and although the river height was down somewhat, it still has a goodly amount of water in it.

The water temperature was sublime and only 2 hours walk to get here.

We saw a large goanna coming back from having a drink from the river and I think I saw a white browed wood swallow which must have had its breeding plumage on - it was spectacular!  Thanks to those who came, Kay for some photos, and the Megalong Valley Tea Rooms for the wonderful Iced Coffees afterwards!  Jocelyn

Sunday, 23 November - 3 Sister & Leura Forest

Only 5 Bush Lemons took advantage of the perfect walking conditions to do the wonderful little Echo Point, Leura Forest, Giant Stairs circuit today. The mist was thick, thick and we started in glorious rain, so this usually very popular track was tourist free. Perfect!
Walking across the top we got to use our imaginations as the views were blank canvases.

As we headed down it was so good, given the recent heat wave, to walk in the cool with the sound of running water.

After a quick morning tea with our friendly currawong we had a silent walk through the beautiful Leura forest listening to the birds. After doing the giant stairs for the second time I now call them my favourite stairs out of the valley!

As we got closer to the top the mist closed in again and tourists appeared even though visibility was still poor - our timing was perfect.
Thanks to the BL who came along, it was fun.

Saturday, 16 November - Great North Walk, Cowan

After Friday night’s southerly blew some of the smoke haze out of Sydney city, 6 Lemons enjoyed perfect weather for this walk.  Departing from Cowan train station we took the Jerusalem Bay Track down into Ku-ring-gai NP. Forested & damp, the single track went eastward down to sea level. There was a long “Ah” as we gasped the first glimpse of the glinting water of Jerusalem Bay. Keeping the water on our right, we walked another couple of hundred metres before getting down to a lovely large slab of sandstone for a swim.

Words really can’t describe how beautiful these secluded bays of the Hawkesbury are. There is a timelessness seeping out of the bush & the still, calm water. Oyster shells around the waters’ edge needed to be avoided by bare feet. A midden reminded us that Aboriginal people had enjoyed the very same place many, many times. Yikes … our rock shelf was shrinking as the tide continued rising.

The single track continued around the bay, & then upwards over a series of ridges. Finally at the top, we commenced the 2nd half of the walk along a fire management trail. It is fairly exposed (ie not much shade). After a couple of km, we stopped for lunch under the trees overlooking the wide Hawkesbury River. Despite being high up & at least a mile from the river, there was a lovely cool breeze coming up to us as we ate.

We continued along the fire management trail, detouring into Brooklyn Dam, then descending finally into Brooklyn. The walk concluded with gelato & coffee at a welcoming café; a walk around Brooklyn Marina; & then waiting for the train whilst enjoying a stunning Hawkesbury River view from the Platform.

To give a balanced view, the negatives were: the 2nd half of the walk is a wide “management trail”; a quarter of the walk has noise pollution from the M1 motorway; the jet-ski; the tour-group jumping off a cliff into Jerusalem Bay.
But these really were tiny distractions to the camaraderie between the six of us, the idyllic swim, the bush in flower, sandstone & more sandstone! It was a wonderful day! Sue G.

Saturday, 9 November - Cowan to Brooklyn

Seven determined lemons headed for Berowra waters along a section of the great north walk. With a mix of ridge fire trails and steep descents we had our work cut out for us. The effort was well rewarded with wildflowers, a bit of botanising and a some spectacular views of the Hawkesbury river.

The weather was perfect and was the water temperature. ( note for next time... great swimming to be had). The ascent back up had us chris-crossing the valleys and ridges, each with changes in the wildflowers...even saw some pretty special orchids! 

We busted out at Berowra station where we said our goodbyes and had a hasty, well deserved ice Cream! Status for those who care: km= 15.06, 5.52 hrs, 4,845 KJ, 29,977 steps! AND we had fun! Vee

Saturday, 2 November - Erskine Creek to Pisgah Rock Track

What a beautiful walk!  We started the walk from the Pisgah Rock carpark, where it was short dirt road walk to the top of the Jack Evans Track.  It was a quite quick descent down to Erskine Creek where we had the first of many swims.

Walking along the creek was lovely and included some rock hopping, clambering, bush bashing and following some foot pads.

We lunched at the junction with Lincoln Creek and had a lovely last swim before we started our ascent up the Pisgah Rock Track, which includes a few scrambles up rocks!

Thank you to everyone who came along on a rather warm day for this great walk!  Many thanks to Olga, Fran and Pandora for their cars, and Anne and Angela for photos.  Jocelyn

Sunday, 27 October - 7 Bridges Walk

10 Lemons and 3 dogs tackled the 7 Bridges Walk in Sydney on a beautiful sunny day.

The 28km was broken up by regular bridges and villages along the way, and the good company kept us going!  Although the route is noisy and busy, there were some lovely bush pockets and great views.

Our team raised almost $2000 for the Cancer Council - Yay! Thank you to our walkers and to those who donated.  There's nothing like walking for a good cause.  Jocelyn

Saturday, 26 October - Ingar Picnic Area bike ride

On a morning of looming dark clouds, rolling thunder, sporadic precipitation and howling winds, 5 stoic lemons resolved their steel, put rubber to rock, and pedalled their way to Ingar campground.

Ok, the clouds, thunder and rain had abated by the time we were ready to push off, but mark my words, the wind remained!  Not long after our descent had begun it was time for an on trail lesson in repairing a flat tyre. Thank you Glenda.

Repairs complete, we forged ahead to the picnic area by the dam only to find the track was guarded by a fine specimen of black snake. Luckily it was camera shy and slithered away at our approach.

It’s a lovely picnic area with frogs “popping” loudly. There is an overnight camp here coming up in the calendar, keep an eye out for it.

Yabbies in the dam, spiders in the loo, lunch and chit chat done, back up the trail we flew.

The reduced pace of the climb out gave us the opportunity to appreciate the wide array of wildflowers in bloom.

As we finished the climb and came into the open heath, the wind blew so strong riders were pitched mercilessly from their velocipedes.

Unable to capture the actual incident, we did our best with a reenactment.... not an Oscar winning performance but thanks for giving it your all Kate.

Exertion complete, we made our way to a local cafe to enjoy coffee, cake and more good conversation. 

Thanks to everyone for not being discouraged by the early inclement conditions and coming along on this Bushlemons ride.

Saturday, 19 October - Maroubra to La Perouse

14 Lemons enjoyed spectacular spring weather last Saturday as we explored the least inhabited part of Sydney’s eastern beaches.

The walk commenced at Maroubra surf club. South Maroubra headland is home to the ANZAC Rifle Range. There is a track around the perimeter of the headland called Boora Point Walking Track. Unfortunately, on Saturdays [club shooting day] the only route past the rifle range is via the western walking track. Whilst this route is a lot shorter (1km), it took us upwards through eastern suburbs coastal scrub to a high point that gave us 360 degree views over the ocean & over to Botany Bay. A lot of this section of the walk is on a raised grid-type boardwalk to ensure that walkers don’t damage fragile vegetation & frog habitat. The seepage down the sandstone can pool underneath, etc. At the highest point, the boardwalk ends & the track leads across very large slabs of smooth, flat sandstone. It is gorgeous.

Along the eastern beaches, the scrub is very stunted & scratchy as it withstands the full, unrelenting blast of the salty winds & roots in sandy soils. Surprisingly, the Western Walking Track was opened as recently as February 2018 by Randwick Council. In doing so, public access of this area was allowed for the first time for 100 years.

We continued to walk down off the sandstone slabs, heading south east towards Malabar Beach.
We walked east along this Long Bay out & around its southern headland. Randwick Golf Club is located on this massive headland. We scouted around the very edge of the fairway. 

Golf ball hazards were forgotten as a whale was sighted out to sea. It wasn’t very far offshore - swimming southward to Antarctica. It was very exciting seeing a decisive spout of exhaled air. There was a light breeze & calm seas.

We cut down a narrow track towards Little Bay Beach, skirted the edge of the second golf course – The Coast Golf Course. The beach was already hot, with little breeze to cool us.

Onwards & up off the sand, around another large headland skirting more golfers teeing off. [St. Michael's Golf Club, 3rd]. Then eventually along a wider track towards the historic Coast Hospital Cemetery for morning tea & browsing the headstones.

Then onwards thru “Kamay Botany Bay National Park”. Past another very small pistol club (!) to Cape Banks. This is the most south, easterly p