Friday, 4 March 2016

Bush Lemons in Mardi Gras parade!

36 Lemons participated in the Bush Lemons Mardi Gras parade entry this year.  It was a fantastic way of getting together with our diverse and fantastic community to celebrate our 20 years. And it was fun, fun, fun!!!! 

We had banner carriers, trolley pusher, dancers and walkers, and all wore our new Bush Lemons tshirts.  Because half of Hyde Park is now fenced off for participants, we could sit on the grass and eat food from the stalls whilst we readied our banner and signs.  Although there still weren't enough toilets, it did make for a much more relaxing waiting time.  We just squeezed into our space on the road about half an hour before we were due to start and boogied to all the loud doof-doof around us. 

It really was a wonderful experience to be part of the parade and to feel all the love.  I think showing everyone that lesbians come in all shapes, sizes and ages, and even like bushwalking, is so important.  A big thank you to all the Lemons who helped organise the float and came along and joined in. You are all fabulous!!  Jocelyn


baubo said...

And you were shown on the SBS coverage on TV the night after and mentioned by one of the presenters!
Well done! Loved seeing your flashing walking sticks!

Keep walking where ever! Love, Margo

Jocelyn said...

Thanks Margo. Yes it was pretty nice to hear us mentioned during the night! It was great to participate in the parade. Jocelyn said...

Thank you mate for sharing it. The idea of incorporating lemons looks like the epitome of epic-ness in the book of epic-city. Cannot wait to see what will come next.